The war between Lawler and Diaz ended in a technical knockout

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The war between Lawler and Diaz ended in a technical knockout

There was a lot of doubt and apprehension about the fight between Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler. Both fighters entered their late fighting years. Diaz, 38, hasn’t fought in over six years, and Lawler, 39, has lost his last four matches and didn’t look even close to his best days.

However, it all fell into the water from the first second of the fight and we watched a great fight in which the action was not lacking at any point. Robbie Lawler furiously opened the match. He hit Diaz with a series of punches in the first minute of the first round and it must be admitted that Diaz looked a bit worrying in those moments.

However, Nick seemed to wake up further after that and as the round progressed, Diaz was getting better and more active. Both fighters were constantly hitting in the series, and the fight took place at an incredibly high pace.

Lawler moved forward almost incessantly, but Diaz interrupted his attacks by constantly throwing his combinations. The second round continued at the same pace. Lawler was constantly moving forward, pressing Nick who was constantly striking back.


Of particular interest were the series of uppercuts with which Diaz hit Lawler. Incredibly high pace was provided by these two legendary fighters. Robbie worked a lot with the front straight, but they both threw a series of different punches, and the action didn’t stop for a second.

After ten minutes of fighting, it can be said that they both recalled their legendary relentless releases. At the beginning of the third round, however, we come to the end of the fight. Robbie Lawler hit Diaz's nose with his right crochet, and Kneler immediately hit with his left uppercut.

Diaz remained on the floor, but Lawler stepped back and wanted to let him get up and continue this absolute war. The referee Jason Herzog said to Diaz he needs to lift up, but Nick made it known that he could not continue the fight and Lawler came to victory by a stoppage, ie a technical knockout in the 44th second of the third round.

Despite the defeat, Diaz did not disappoint, and both fighters exceeded all expectations. Robbie Lawler said after the fight that he will always have respect for Diaz and that he is a damn good fighter. After all, a very good return to some older MMA times when fighters like Lawler and Nick Diaz delighted fans with their warrior approach.