Dana White reacted to Jones ’arrest: 'I’m not surprised at all'

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Dana White reacted to Jones ’arrest: 'I’m not surprised at all'

Last night’s information about Jon Jones ’arrest probably didn’t surprise many. One of the greatest fighters in the history of MMA has had problems with the law for years. Thus, his most recent offenses, which he was accused of in the original, are listed as "misdemeanor battery domestic violence" and "injuring and tampering with a vehicle"

Jones is accused of illegal use of physical force against his wife / fiancée / life partner, in addition to which he was charged with vehicle damage and unauthorized "tampering" with it. These are currently the only known details, so one can still only guess what exactly Jones did to be charged with those two offenses.

More information has not been revealed (or is missing) even by UFC President Dana White, who in front of the media acted as if something like this could be expected when it comes to Jon Jones. '' We will see how this will end legally and where it will end.

It’s hard to bring this guy to Las Vegas for whatever reason. This city is not good for Jon Jones and here we are again with confirmation of that, '' White told the gathered media representatives and further clarified the situation around Jones.

White is not surprised

'' I'm not surprised at all. Every time we bring him here, something like this is almost expected. You can’t bring him to Las Vegas for less than 12 hours to be inducted into the Hall of Fame."

"This guy has a lot of demons in him, a lot. Does all this shock anyone? Really not. When Jones shows up in Vegas, we all actually wonder what’s going to happen today." "You want to hope that he has improved and that this will not be the case this time, but he proves every time in this city that he cannot be controlled, '' Dana concluded.

The UFC president is truly right about that. Jon Jones just spins in a circle. He will do something illegal, publicly repent and then convince all his fans how he has changed. Soon after, a new excess will follow in which he will be the main actor and the whole process will be repeated from zero.

It is obvious that such a profile of a person is difficult to change, and that Jones obviously has to work on himself and his behavior, given that he is someone that young people look at and consider a star. We will find out in the coming days the details of why these things happened, but it is obvious that Jones is really to blame