Israel Adesanya mocked Jones with a sarcastic post

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Israel Adesanya mocked Jones with a sarcastic post

Jon Jones got into trouble with the law again last night. While many including Dana White were not surprised at all, there were those who would take the opportunity to enjoy. For the past year or two, Israel Adesanya has often publicly called out Jon Jones, and for a time there was mention of a potential fight between the two.

Jones eventually left the light heavyweight division while Adesanya fought Jan Blachowicz for the UFC light heavyweight belt and lost in the process. Jones' debut in the heavyweight category is still pending and apparently will not happen until mid-2022.

Israel Adesanya on the other hand has returned to the middleweight division where he still holds the championship belt and a rematch against Robert Whittaker awaits him at the beginning of the year. Although the fight between Adesanya and Jones no longer seems like a realistic option, the Nigerian used the opportunity to sarcastically joke with the arrest of Jon Jones via his Instagram profile.

Specifically, Adesanya alludes to Jones' famous statements after each offense. Namely, countless times we listened to "Bones" stories about how he changed, how his faith calmed him down and that he wants to be a role model for young people.

Adesanya post

Such a story spins in a circle, and Jones always reminds us that he hasn’t really changed at all. "Today is a good day ?
Ok goiz, don’t be mean… positive vibes only. Don’t say anything bad, keep it posi vibes only." "Remember to do what Jesus would do, run them cheeks!

Only God can judge you, so just be positive goiz! Be a good “RoLeMOdEL” for them keeeedz." "Eat your veges and you’ll grow big and strong k kids. And remembeeeerrr… stay positive vibes.
Don't be a cu*t.

" Of course, this is a recollection of Jones ’2015 offense when he caused a car accident involving a pregnant woman. Jon fled the scene of the accident and did not provide assistance to the pregnant woman. He further spiced it all up with the fact that he was under the influence of narcotics.

Indeed, it is a pity for such a star as Jon Jones to get into trouble again and again and that one such personality does not need. Most are aware that UFC fighters are people with an interesting past. But most seem to continue with the same behavior even after success in the UFC and don’t change their behavior in spite of everything. It will be interesting to follow the situation regarding Jon Jones