Nick Diaz: "Whoever set up this fight is an idiot"

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Nick Diaz: "Whoever set up this fight is an idiot"

Nick Diaz did not appear where he was officially announced, at the UFC 266 Fighters and Media Media Gathering. Many media representatives were thus deprived of the questions they intended to ask the returnee. No one knew where Nick was or why he didn’t show up, though in fact no one was overly shocked by such a sequence of events.

It’s just Diaz, doesn't matter if he is Nate or Nick, he will do what he decides in an instant. In fact, something completely different happened. Shortly after the aforementioned media get-together, a great interview that Nick gave to Brett Okamoto appeared on ESPN’s YouTube channel.

He probably thought he had said everything he had in those 20 minutes, so he didn't feel the need to appear among other journalists. And the conversation with Okamoto was, above all, very interesting. It’s Nick Diaz’s first serious combat conversation in a long time.

After all, he hasn’t fought since 2015, and he’s been without a win since 2011. Even when he announced his return, few believed him, but it will happen. And that in, as he says, a very stressful and difficult period for him.

"Since I arranged the fight I'm going through a lot of stress, this was not an easy camp. First, I didn't fight for long, and second is the fact that a lot of things didn't go as planned." "Watching my brother's fight was hard.

It wasn't as I expected and I started to look at some things differently. I was definitely looking that at the wrong time, I should have stayed and focused on myself." "I managed to get my head back in the right place but it wasn’t easy.

I received biggest blows watching that fight than in any of my sparring." "That's my young brother, you understand? It's not easy to watch him fight, "Nick immediately began his story in one specific way.


With pauses between sentences and a few sighs, Nick continued, turning to what the fight ahead of him meant to him and which plans he has "I'm going to win.

Do I feel confident? Never. I was never confident. I always feel like someone is going to break me. Every fight I've ever done." "How do I feel about Lawler? I think he's going to break me. Even when I win, mostly I am the one who received more blows", was the answer to that question.

What surprised him was the opinion that he really shouldn't have fought Lawler at all. He believes the UFC should have given him a title fight right away and that it’s even a fight in which he would have a better chance.

So, all of a sudden, he still felt confident about fighting the currently most dominant UFC champion. "I think I would beat Usman. I have a much better chance against Usman than against Lawler, simply because I have already defeated Lawler." "It makes no sense to me to fight him again.

I don't know why I'm doing this at all. It shouldn't have happened at all. Whoever arranged this is an idiot." "I don't know why we're doing this and why this happened. I should fight Kamaru Usman, "Nick concluded simply in his own style.