Jon Jones still wants a fight against Ngannou

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Jon Jones still wants a fight against Ngannou

Jon Jones appeared in Las Vegas during the week of the UFC 266 event. It wasn’t without reason, he came to get into the UFC’s Hall of Fame. He received this honor for his first fight against Alexander Gustafsson.

After a very nice speech he had at the event, he dedicated some of his time to interested journalists, whom he approached in a very good mood, with a smile on his face. What could not go unnoticed by anyone is his physical constitution, so we found out that he is currently in the process of preparing to return to the Octagon, as a heavyweight fighter.

"I am currently at about 115 kilograms. I intend to rise to about 123 and I am doing very well at the moment. I want to be technically the best heavyweight, the strongest and the best fit." "I will continue to work patiently on that, I have a few more months ahead of me.

If anyone is impressed. with how I look now, wait until you see me in a fight." "In the past I would rather start training ten weeks before a fight and now for the first time in my career I am training constantly.

My fitness is ready for the fight." "When I'm done with everything it will be even better." "I feel better than ever, I sleep better, eat better and drink less alcohol. I think I'll be back in the second quarter of next year," Jones announced, after already saying during the aforementioned speech that he wanted to make Ngannou small next to him.


After that, he was immediately asked about the fight he would do immediately upon his return. "Fighting for the title is what I want the most. Besides, I want the biggest possible fights, and that's exactly the title fights.

If there was someone we could consider the biggest star without a title, then maybe I'd think about it." "But Ngannou is currently the biggest star and champion, so our fight for the title is the best thing that can happen.

" Ngannou will have to defend the title in the fight against Cyril Gane before that. Not an easy job for Ngannou, but not possibly for Jones after that, if the Frenchman is the one who will own the title after that fight.

"I'm excited to fight any of them. Each one presents a completely different challenge, but Francis is definitely a bigger star. A lot of money would be lost if Francis is defeated, but I don't really care who wins that fight."

"I want to be champion and I will fight against whoever is needed ", the champion's ambitions are still in the foreground here.