Jon Jones has new weight plans

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Jon Jones has new weight plans

For some time now, we haven’t received any new information about Jon Jones and his debut in the UFC heavyweight division. Journalists have already stopped questioning Dan White about it, after White repeatedly told them that he would not think about Jones until next year, as that was the date for which the longtime light heavyweight champion announced his return.

Dana White has not even revealed to the media whether he will see Jones this week in Las Vegas, where he will be present at the announcement of the new members of the Hall of Fame. Namely, Jon will become a part of it for the first time, in the part with the biggest fights, since his first fight against Alexander Gustafsson was chosen for that honor.

But that’s why there’s someone who still knows something about Jones ’plans. This is the man who has been taking care of his career lately, Richard Schaefer. He revealed some news to Ariel Helwani. "He told me he would be ready in November or December.

He wants to gain weight, but he intends to gain it smartly, strategically." "He told me he doesn't just intend to gain weight and to look like a big heavyweight, but he wants to get something he would call real weight gain.

, ”Schaefer said as things currently stand, revealing what most are interested in: "Among other things, we talked yesterday. He's now at about 117 pounds. 117 pounds of muscle explosive weight. His goal is to get to about 125 pounds and thus become the biggest and meanest heavyweight the UFC has ever seen."


Jones has always been a big light heavyweight, and that is something that a large number of fans resented and therefore sent him to the heavyweight division. That’s also why there’s so much excitement around Jones ’arrival among the heavyweights, but it seems like those who had hoped to see him against bigger fighters than him will not see that.

It is obvious that Jones intends to get into a situation where even for the heavyweight category he will have to do weight loss. Obviously he does not intend to allow anyone any advantage. After all, he recently boasted of his massive quadriceps.

This really should be Jon Jones 2.0. Jon Jones may have been one of the most prepared fighters in the UFC so far, but he doesn't seem to want to stop there, and his goal is to progress. He will certainly look fantastic, and we can't wait to see him in the ring again