Ion Cutelaba reacted to Devin Clark's injury

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Ion Cutelaba reacted to Devin Clark's injury

One of the most memorable scenes last weekend at the UFC Fight Night 192 event was Devin Clark’s injury. The American fighter suffered severe damage to his teeth and jaw, and for everything the main "culprit" is Ion Cutelaba, who defeated him by a unanimous decision of the referees.

The Moldavian is known as a very powerful hitter and Clark felt it very well. At the end of the second, more precisely at the beginning of the third round, Devin Clark was in doubt whether he should continue the fight given the injury he suffered.

Still, Clark showed courage and bravery by saying that surgery was definitely waiting for him and he did another whole round. Devin posted a video from the hospital informing his followers that the doctors had managed to put his teeth back in place with some kind of temporary braces.

David Abassi, a doctor known for his Youtube channel where he often analyzes the injuries of MMA fighters, explained that Clark will be out of the machine for a few months Moldovan "Hulk" Ion Cutelaba commented on the situation during a press conference shortly after the event.

Cutelaba is not happy that his opponent ended up with such a serious injury. "I saw what happened and I'm not happy, I'm not happy about it at all," Cutelaba said of the severe damage he caused to his opponent's teeth and jaw.

Cutelaba after the match

The Moldovan added when it happened, that is, he believes that he knows exactly which blows caused so much damage. '' It was a knee blow of course. My knee and arm. Very strong punches, but Clark is a very good fighter.

I am strong and I strike very deadly, but he is very strong. '', Ion paid tribute to his opponent, who presented his courage. We hope that Devin Clark will return as soon as possible, and that this injury will not affect him.

Clark is a great fighter and we have no doubt that after all he will train even more and prepare for the next matches.

Defeats are an integral part of this sport, but it is necessary for him to understand his mistakes now, and to start training hard and moving towards his goal. Cutelaba after two defeats and a draw finally won, and he is certainly overjoyed with this outcome.

He looked great during the fight and it was obvious that he was maximally ready. Cutelaba will definitely get additional motivation and it will be interesting to find out the name of his next opponent