Carlos Condit wants to end his career!

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Carlos Condit wants to end his career!

Late last week, Carlos Condit (32-14-0) decided to retire from MMA. The 37-year-old fighter nicknamed "Natural Born Killer" has been one of the best welters in the world for years, and there are many fans for whom Condit is one of the favorite fighters.

The reason for that is his ruthless approach to fighting, Condit was a real warrior in the ring. "Natural Born Killer" with all that, is a fighter who has never been associated with scandals and similar things. It could be said that this is a school example of a real fighter and role model for the younger generations.

His career has seen a significant decline in recent years. Condit was given a second chance to win the UFC welterweight belt in 2016, but lost by a split referee's decision from Robbie Lawler. That fight could have gone to Condit's side, but it didn't, and "Natural Born Killer" has to settle for the fact that he was once the interim champion of the UFC welterweight division.

After the defeat against Lawler, Condit lost the next four matches, and he experienced a total of five defeats in the last seven appearances. He made his last appearance in July this year, losing to Max Griffin by unanimous decision.

It seems that this will also be his last appearance in his professional MMA career. '' It was time, man. There are many reasons for this. After the last fight, I had a feeling I had gone through a really good camp, and I was constantly one step behind Max (Griffin)."

"Maybe I could try to change some things and test myself again, but that’s a hard thing to do. I would have to expose myself to various temptations to determine if what I was doing was actually working or not. " "At a certain stage, the returns of your work are returning to you less and less and therefore I think it's time to retire and move on.

'', Condit began with an explanation as a guest at the MMA Hour.

Reactions after defeat

Condit explained to Helwani that during his career he would always be extremely angry after a defeat, it would frustrate him, and that is a sign that he cares.

Now, after the defeat against Griffin, the situation was significantly different. '' Otherwise I would have left the hotel room and I would have been angry and in a bad mood. This time it was different. I didn't feel that way.

Three weeks or even a month earlier, I called Dana (White) and let him know that this was coming, I told him that my retirement was approaching. " Condit is aware that with 37 years and 47 professional MMA matches behind him, he needs to pay more attention to his health and the life ahead of him.

Other than compromising health, Condit is no longer as focused as he used to be and would love to dedicate himself to some other things. '' I think in some ways I'm compromising my private life. Coaching at the highest level of this sport requires a lot of sacrifice.

A lot of energy and emotion this sport is taking away from me." "That way I have a lot less to provide for other things in life. I'm in a phase of life now that I don't want to compromise my private life that way anymore. "