Volkanovski revealed plans for a match with Holloway

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Volkanovski revealed plans for a match with Holloway

On Saturday night to Sunday, Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega will lead the UFC 266 event by fighting for the featherweight belt. The two fighters were also coaches as part of this season's TUF (The Ultimate Fighter), and they will crown the season with a showdown for the belt.

Alexander Volkanovski won the championship belt in December 2019 by defeating Max Holloway by a unanimous decision of the referees. The 32-year-old Australian surprised everyone with his routine victory, but it seemed that Holloway was not at his usual level.

Of course, we should pay tribute to Volkanovski who completely neutralized him. Volkanovski made his first title defense in a rematch against Max Holloway in July last year. Then we watched a noticeably different fight and Max Holloway’s release.

The fight was much closer, Volkanovski celebrated with a divided referee's decision, and the tails are still drawn today about who should have actually won. Now, more than a year after that fight, Alexander will be defending his belt for the second time, but he is slowly looking towards a trilogy with Max Holloway even though the dangerous Ortega is waiting for him.

'' During the last fight we did on Fight Island, I don't want to look for excuses, but I don't think I got involved enough, and I did the job anyway." "It just shows the level I’m at. I have to give him the respect he deserves too because the way he appeared in the second fight was amazing."


"Still, I didn’t show up that day in a good release and I did what I needed to do anyway. I proved that I was not a joke, '' Volkanovski said in an interview with James Lynch, adding: "The next fight I will appear one hundred percent in the right edition and I will not allow him to win a single round, as in our first match."

"I will start strong, and I will finish even harder. But let me stress, Max is a great fighter, and that’s why he’ll also get a third fight. He defeats the other fighters and earns the place of the first challenger."

"I think it will be a great fight, but I will be too much for him. I will be a completely different beast until then. " Max is very likely to have at least one more fight before the trilogy with Volkanovski. Holloway was supposed to fight Mexican Yair Rodriguez back in July, but Max canceled the match due to injury.

There is no official confirmation about the new date yet, but according to currently known information, that fight should happen in the near future. If Volkanovski and Holloway manage to overcome the obstacles in the form of Ortega and Rodriguez, it is likely that we will watch the third match of two really great fighters in the lightweight category.