Teixeira believes that Adesanya is frightened by Pereira

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Teixeira believes that Adesanya is frightened by Pereira

About two weeks ago, information emerged that Alex Pereira would sign a contract with the UFC. A few days later his contract signing became official and the world’s best kick-boxer became a member of the world’s strongest MMA promotion.

Pereira has attracted a lot of attention as he has twice fought in kickboxing against Israel Adesanya, the current UFC middleweight champion. Not only did "Poatan" fight Israel, but he beat him twice, and the Brazilian is also the only fighter to ever knock out Adesanya.

Glover Teixeira, a challenger for the light heavyweight belt, knows Alex Pereira well and they often train together. The experienced Brazilian believes Israel Adesanya is now in great fear when Pereira came into his category.

'' Daddy's here in the UFC and Adesanya doesn't want to talk about it. This guy (Pereira) has just arrived, but he (Adesanya) knows it’s a tough match for him." "No one can give Adesanya a lot of trouble in the middleweight division.

I’m not saying Pereira will win for sure, it’s a whole new fight, a different time, a different style of fighting, but Adesanya is certainly praying." "Please put some guy like Phil Davis against him, 'Glover Teixeira began in the Trocação Franca podcast.

Noting to put on someone like Phil Davis, Teixeira alludes to Adesanya he didn't fought against fighter who bases his tactics on wrestling, while also being very good at what he does."


Following the podcast, Glover further clarified the differences between Adesanya and Pereira.

'' He (Pereira) after he hits you in the right rib, it hurts you in the left as well. Adesanya is not his equal. First of all, Israel will be totally terrified because Pereira knocked him out with 10 ‘ounce’ gloves."

"Now with four ‘ounce’ gloves, and also Adesanya doesn’t have the knockout power like Pereira. Adesanya is really good, don't get me wrong, he's great, but he doesn't hit like Alex. Adesanya strikes like a normal type (fighter), Poatan on the other hand is not normal.

'' As noted above, Glover Teixeira does not have a high opinion when it comes to Israel’s ground floor skills. The 41-year-old Brazilian used the fight between Jan Blachowicz and Adesany as evidence. '' Adesanya has no skills in parterre, at least according to what I saw in the last fight (penultimate against Blachowicz, op.a.).

He has no grappling skills and has no parterre to knock down Pereira." "‘Poatan’ is actually better than him at it. I’m not going to say he’s one of the best, that he’s like Rodolfo Vieira or ‘Jacare’, but Pereira defends very well on the ground and has good defensive grappling."