Yoel Romero had an unsuccessful debut in Bellator

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Yoel Romero had an unsuccessful debut in Bellator

Cuban fighter Yoel Romero's debut for Bellator has been long-awaited. "Soldier of God" was supposed to perform at Bellator's Grand Prix in the light heavyweight category, but the quarterfinal match against Anthony "Rumble" Johnson had to be canceled due to eye problems.

Last night we finally welcomed Romero's first performance under the auspices of Bellator, but Phil Davis ruined his debut. Two light heavyweight fighters led last night’s Bellator 266 event, and Davis celebrated with a split refere's decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-26).

It’s a bit unclear how one of the referees scored the fight in Romero’s favor because Davis deservedly won here. The first round started in a way that many feared. As dangerous as Romero was and Phil Davis as good, they have disappointed viewers with passive performance.

Exactly such a performance was provided by these fighters in the first round, but the audience was thrilled by every attempt by Romero, regardless of whether the Cuban hit the target or not. It could be said that Romero reminiscent us of the fight against Adesanya when a good part of the match he was a stationary target.

Davis was moving, but he did not do any concrete damage nor was he particularly aggressive during the first round. The second round brings a bit more action. '' Mr. Wonderful '' picked up the pace, but Romero had a few good shots, one of which was a low-kick that Davis felt.


Shortly afterward, Davis retaliated with a good series of boxing combinations, and the second round brought the first takedown. Although Yoel Romero was once a world champion and a silver medalist at the Olympics, Davis was the more dominant grappler in this fight and he was the one who came to the takedown in the second round.

Davis gained grappling confidence after successfully taking down Romero and continued to grapple in the third round as well. Such an approach and tactic proved successful because the American fighter successfully took him down and controlled the fight.

A total of five successful takedowns were recorded by Phil Davis in this fight, and he also hit 59 shots against Romero's 25. "God, thank you for wrestling, the best sport in the world," Davis said shortly after the win, announcing that he would focus more on tactics in his base sport in future appearances.

A well-deserved victory for Phil Davis, who returned with victories after losing to Vadim Nemkov in the quarterfinals of the Grand Prix in April. In that fight, Davis had the opportunity to reach the champion's belt in Bellator's light heavyweight category, but the Russian was better.

Davis has celebrated four times in his last five appearances and has confirmed that he belongs to the very top of Bellator’s light heavyweight division.