Anthony Smith thinks the other fighters aren’t that much worse than Jones

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Anthony Smith thinks the other fighters aren’t that much worse than Jones

As part of the main fight at tonight’s UFC event, Anthony Smith will be looking for his third win in a row against Ryan Spann. "Lionheart", after convincing defeats against Glover Teixeira and Aleksandar Rakić, decided to defend his position in the category and fought against fighters who are ranked lower than him.

Smith has successfully done the fights against Devin Clarke and Jimmy Crute, and if he beats Spann, he has announced that he wants matches with the fighters who are in front of him again. The 33-year-old Smith hopes to rejoin the very top of the category.

The current light heavyweight champion is Jan Blachowicz, a Pole who despite great performances is still sometimes downgraded for never beating Jon Jones. One of the greatest fighters ever and certainly the greatest fighter of the light heavyweight category ever decided to move to the heavyweight category, and Blachowicz succeeded him at the top of the category.

There are certain opinions that the light heavyweight category suffered a heavy blow with the departure of Jones, but Smith does not agree and believes that the other fighters in the category are very good. '' I think the world had a chance to see that the light heavyweights are damn good.

Clearly, Jon Jones is potentially one of the greatest of all time, depending on tastes." "To some Jones is the greatest, to some the GSP, anyway, he is one of the two best ever. However, this does not mean that others are bad nor does it mean that we are not a caliber for world champions."

"People in this category lost a good portion of their time and were dominated by Jon Jones. That’s not to say we weren’t very good. Simply, we are like those boxers who performed in the era of Muhammad Ali.

We are not the ones who are bad, but he (Jones) was really good, '' Smith explained in an interview with MMA Fighting.

His fight against Jones

In 2018, "Lionheart" moved from the middle to the light heavyweight category and recorded three victories with a stoppage in just over four months.

He deserved a chance to attack the belt, but Jon Jones convincingly celebrated with the unanimous decision of the referees. Anthony recalled the fight and explained what had gone wrong. '' On the worst night of my life, he clearly won every round, beat me, got me on points.

I take full responsibility for it, but it’s the worst release of my life" "At no point did I feel like I was in danger. That is not a criticism of him. As much as he and I disagree, I give him all respect" "He deserves everything he has.

That man is potentially the greatest ever and he deserved it all. But we are not that far from him. We really aren’t that much worse, especially now." "I believe, and I believed even then, that I can beat that guy.

I know I'm capable of it. I just didn’t show up in the right edition and it’s my fault that he did a great job at neutralizing me ’’, Smith added, and then came up with a very good conclusion when it came to comparing the current light heavyweight champion and Jon Jones.

'' Are you telling me Jan Blachowicz has no chance against Jon Jones? Fu*k off with those claims. It's crazy ''