Gaethje thinks Oliveira didn't deserve the belt

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Gaethje thinks Oliveira didn't deserve the belt

Brazilian lightweight fighter Charles Oliveira crowned his career in May this year with the UFC lightweight title. "Do Bronx" had a hard adventure on the way to the title and after a series of ups and downs, the Brazilian put things in order and won as many as nine victories.

Many fighters see his journey to the belt as a great inspiration and pay tribute to him for not giving up. However, the second-ranked fighter on the ladder of challengers in the lightweight category Justin Gaethje constantly impung his qualities.

'I was furious then. I considered this the most coveted title in the UFC while Khabib was there, and the category turned into an object of ridicule overnight." "Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler fought each other to decide who was the best, and neither of them was the best.

That's Dustin Poirier and me." "That fight was supposed to happen, '' Highlight said in an interview with ESPN two weeks ago, and a few days ago he was a guest on the UFC's Unfiltered show and he talked about Oliveir again.


The current UFC lightweight champion recently responded to Justin Gaethje’s overwhelming name-calling and accusations in an interview with Sherdog. '' What I have to tell Gaethje is to do his job, win his fights and he will get his chance as I did.

I'll be here with my belt. When you record nine wins in a row, you can complain to Dani White." "If I didn’t have the right to fight for the belt, then who did? If I'm the champion today, it's because I fought hard for it, "said the Do Bronx.

Oliveira beat in addition to Ferguson a few more quality fighters within his nine-win streak. Kevin Lee, Clay Guida, Jim Miller, Nick Lentz are some of the names within that series, and there’s also the name of Michael Chandler who was Oliveira’s last barrier in the belt fight.

Gaethje, however, claims that this series of victories is still not particularly impressive. '' Great fights and opponents, but these are not fights worthy of a title challenger. It’s just like that, but he has a belt and can tell me whatever he wants."

"What he told me were the same things I would tell him. In his place, I would also tell myself that I can stab myself in the a** and to call him when I win eight times in a row, '' Gaethje said, then again accused Oliveira of giving up easily.

"I am in a great position. I don’t have to win eight times in a row. I have to win one fight in a row. Therefore, if he wins, I would like to fight Charles Oliveira because then I would prove to you everything I say."