Leon Edwards is not interested in fighting Masvidal

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Leon Edwards is not interested in fighting Masvidal

Back in March 2019, after the London event where Jorge Masvidal knocked out Darren Till, there was a conflict between Leon Edwards and "Gamebred" Just after the show, in the "backstage", the two fighters addressed each other with some words, and Jorge Masvidal was not in the mood for a lot of stories and quickly made his speech with his fists, giving a few blows to the head of Leon Edwards.

Ever since then, many fans, like Edwards himself, have been very interested in that fight. However, Jorge Masvidal enjoyed the best days of his career. He fought "Gamebred" for the "BMF" belt and won it along the way, and twice had the opportunity to become the UFC welterweight champion.

Unfortunately for him, Kamaru Usman was an insurmountable obstacle. Now, two and a half years after their clash in London, Leon Edwards is the third-ranked fighter of the UFC’s welterweight rankings while Masvidal is in sixth place.

"Rocky" came to third place with nine wins in the last ten appearances, and it seems that the fighter from Birmingham is no longer interested in the match against Masvidal, which is now behind him. '' My next fight will be for the world title.

I don't want to hear anything about a guy who lost two fights in a row and ended up knocked out in the last match, '' Edwards wrote on his Twitter profile.

Masvidal is looking for an opponent

Jorge Masvidal, after two consecutive defeats by Usman, is looking for his next opponent and hopes to fight by the end of this year.

Edwards is now also one of his interesting names, but "tricks" by Edwards did not go down well with "Gamebred" and he replied sharply. "If you not gonna fight then keep my name out your p**sy a*s mouth you clout chasing biat*h " Masvidal wrote in his Twitter post.

The fact is that for a long time Masvidal did not pay any attention to Leon Edwards and did not show any interest in fighting him because he was in a better position within the category. Now that Masvidal has been defeated twice in a row and is three places lower than Edwards, the board has turned and Gamebred would love to fight Edwards.

However, the British fighter remembered all of Massvidal's rejections and now plans to retaliate in the same way. It is obvious that sometimes things in life come back. But still, if Edwards is provoked by Masvidal, there may be a fight between them, which would certainly be a great spectacle and a good opportunity for Edwards to take revenge.