Teixeira: ‘I would drink a bottle of Hennessy on the weekends’

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Teixeira: ‘I would drink a bottle of Hennessy on the weekends’

Glover Teixeira, 41, is facing the biggest fight of his career on October 30. After five wins in a row, the Brazilian deserved the opportunity to attack the UFC light heavyweight champion's belt currently held by Poland's Jan Blachowicz.

Although Teixeira was already fighting for the belt in 2014, the fight against Blachowicz is the biggest and most important in his career as this is almost certainly his last chance to go down in history as the UFC light heavyweight champion.

If Glover loses, it is possible that he will retire immediately. Now, in his early 40's, Teixeira is still an active fighter and is in a great streak of victories despite his late years for a single fighter. Visiting Ariel Helwani as part of the MMA Hour, Glover commented on the fact that he is still fighting even though he is 41 years old and revealed whether he planned to fight until this stage of his life.

"I did not plan to fight. I wanted to be a champion for a long time. I wanted to do something like Khabib. Be a world champion and then retire." "However, I still enjoy this, I’m not here just for the money.

Of course, I now earn more than ever in my career and the money is good, but that is not the main reason. '', Said the Brazilian, and then explained certain changes he made in his preparations and training. The top-ranked fighter in the UFC middleweight rankings in the 2016-2018 period would be defeated after each victory.

He lost by heavy knockouts to Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Johnson and was defeated by Corey Anderson by a unanimous decision.

Life habits

Glover finds a certain reason for these defeats in his then life habits and way of training.

'' I think I've found the right way to train. I am happier, I sleep better, I train better. Everything is better now. Before the fights with Ryan Bader (he won that match, op.a.) and Jon Jones I trained too hard and I was not disciplined outside the hall."

"People were telling me that the years would catch up with me and that I had to make some changes, '' Teixeira added, to which Helwani interjected with a question about what exactly he had to change, that is, what exactly it was about.

'' I had a party, drank alcohol and ate a lot. I would drink a bottle of Hennessy on the weekends. I wouldn’t say I was an alcoholic, but I loved partying." "I eliminated all that stuff. I was constantly stringing together victory and defeat and then I had to omit all those things because this is my life."

"I love this more than anything and I want to give my best in this sport. I want to provide the best version in the title fight and therefore I now live as a professional athlete. '', Glover added who is obviously highly motivated and dedicated to finally reach the title and crown his successful and long career.