Ariel Helwani revealed that a new MMA organization will be established

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Ariel Helwani revealed that a new MMA organization will be established

Now back in 1993, the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization was founded. Although they wandered for many years, and were about to disappear for a while, the UFC managed to impose themselves as the world’s leading MMA promotion, especially after promotions such as the legendary PRIDE or Strikeforce were shut down.

MMA fans view UFC champions as the best fighters in the world. While there are a number of other MMA promotions that have high-quality fighters, the UFC is simply reputed to be a gathering place for the best, the very creams of the sport.

All this has led to a certain monopoly where there are more and more dissatisfied fighters, and for years there have been stories of bad salaries, unscrupulous sponsorship agreements and the like. The UFC can afford such things because they enjoy a reputation for best promotion and the many fighters who shoot to the very top simply want to perform under their auspices.

Bellator, ONE Championship and similar organizations can also provide similar conditions, but few consider the champions of Bellator and ONE to be the best fighters in the world. According to Ariel Helwani, there appear to be plans to launch a new project that should rival the UFC, and perhaps even take precedence in world MMA.

Helwani about new organization

A well-known MMA reporter shared part of his column via Twitter, saying the project could shake up the entire MMA industry. He wrote more specific information in his column. '' According to sources, a number of influential individuals have teamed up to create a new MMA league that will be structured similarly to the NBA / NHL / NFL, rather than as a typical MMA promotion."

"This new league would include an association of athletes that would condition the "fifty-fifty" distribution of income, guarantee contracts, health insurance during and after a career, and a retirement plan.

Everything could be published in the coming days. They hope to start the league during 2023, '' Helwani wrote It sounds like a really interesting project and we will follow everything related to this information with great interest.

Of course, if these organizations have better conditions, most fighters would opt for such an organization, since it can provide them with a lot. Of course, in today's world of sports, there are more and more experiments with various organizations, competition systems, all with the goal of attracting the best and greatest under your roof.

This seems to be happening in MMA as well, but no one will mind a thing like this if we can watch an interesting competition and the best fighters.