McGregor described how he felt after his son saw him in a wheelchair

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McGregor described how he felt after his son saw him in a wheelchair

Three months have passed since the UFC 264 show where Conor McGregor was seriously injured. The Irishman then suffered ruptures of the tibula and fibia and lost the match against Dustin Poirier at the end of the first round.

Notorious is facing a difficult and lengthy recovery so he can return to the cage, but Conor says the recovery is going well. '' I feel like I could do kicks now. I honestly feel that way, but I have to listen to the doctors and people leading me to recovery.

That’s what I’ve been doing so far." "I’m dedicated to work and I’m back on my feet. It's good to be back on my feet, '' McGregor said in an interview with Adam Glyn after MTV's awards showdown in which he had a conflict with Machine Gun Kelly.

The UFC star admitted he had certain mental problems after the injury. It was especially difficult to appear in front of his son in such a state. '' I left my son (for a while). I used to jump and do 360 degree turns, and the next moment he was looking at me in a wheelchair as I couldn’t walk and that kind of hit me."

"But as the weeks went by, I was getting better and better and I was getting stronger, and my kids see that. The son can see the work I have invested and the rewards I enjoy now." "I know it will go well in his head.

He has the opportunity to watch his father make an effort and rise to his feet. "


It’s hard to even predict when McGregor will return to the cage. Certain forecasts say that this could be the end of 2022, and although the recovery, according to him, is going very well, Conor is aware that he must be patient and adhere to the prescribed recovery plan and program.

"I am still far away. I don’t want to fool myself and go ahead of schedule. But like I say, I feel like I can do kicks, but it’s not recommended. Anyway, I'll be back. Do you think a broken bone will stop me? Think again, '' Conor McGregor concluded.

Obviously McGregor doesn’t want to give up on the UFC and his career, and he’s persistent in his goals. Of course, he showed that with his fights, and for a long time he was the "main character" in the UFC.

Although it is not as superior now as he used to be, he still causes the greatest public interest, and with his statements he provokes various reactions. He is aware that this is the best tactic