Derek Brunson confident he would defeat Adesanya in a rematch

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Derek Brunson confident he would defeat Adesanya in a rematch

Derek Brunson seems to have gained his self confidence after the win against Darren Till with the fifth consecutive celebration and is pretty confident he can defeat Israel Adesanya in the revanche, of course if that happen.

The two fighters did their first fight in November 2018, and current middleweight champion Israel Adesanya easily dealt with Brunson and knocked him out in the first round of the fight. About a year after that fight, Adesanya reached the middleweight belt and successfully defended it three times.

Derek Brunson on the other hand after a defeat by Israel has stringed together five consecutive celebrations and hopes to get a chance to attack the belt. He is currently a fourth-ranked fighter in the middleweight challenger rankings and will likely need another win before he gets a spot in the title fight.

Regardless, Brunson is increasingly talking about a rematch against Adesanya and believes he can beat the reigning champions. '' In the first fight, my coaches wondered if I was okay and if I might be hurt. I had Izzy locked in a body lock many times, we were in a clinch four or five times, and I couldn't knock him down."

"Then I also tested certain things during the preparations, especially before the fight with Izyy. I thought there was no need to lift weights and that I could afford it because I was fighting Izzy." "In the fight, I came to my positions, but I failed to do something concrete and to finish him.

It was a combination of many things and I’m not looking for excuses. However, when we look back, we see the reason why I did not react well. "


Now, three years after the first fight, Brunson believes in his skills and thinks we would look at a completely different story in the rematch.

He touched on Derek and Adesanya’s fight against Jan Blachowicz. The middleweight champion also tried to win the light heavyweight belt, but the Pole was an insurmountable obstacle. Blachowicz was equal in the stand, but he also did quite well in the grappling segment and had a control in the ground floor.

Derek Brunson’s tactics are often based precisely on grappling and ground control, and that’s where he sees his chance in a rematch. '' Small things make a difference in big fights. Kudos to Adesanya, he took advantage of them, but I know what I can do in the revanche."

"I know I can do a lot of damage on the ground floor. I always want to finish an opponent. He (Adesanya) will be tested like never before. Jan Blachowicz intended to control him. I will look to finish him, '' Brunson concluded regarding a possible rematch against the current champion.