Bisping on Silva: ‘He is a modern day Bruce Lee’

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Bisping on Silva: ‘He is a modern day Bruce Lee’

More than five years have passed since the cult fight between Michael Bisping and Anderson Silva. After five rounds of a great fight, the Englishman came to victory by a unanimous decision of the referees, but still many fans believe that "Spider" was robbed and that he should have won.

Particularly controversial and exciting was the end of the third round when Silva hit Michael Bisping with his knee asking the referee to put his gum back in his mouth after it fell to the floor. The Brazilian seriously shook Bisping and started celebrating the victory, but that was not the end of the fight, and the solid Bisping recovered and did especially well in the next, fourth round.

That fight is also a match in which Bisping finally made an advantage and a step forward. He defeated a top fighter and approached the opportunity to attack the belt. That's exactly what happened when the UFC and Dana White gave him a chance to jump on the "short notice" instead of Chris Weidman and attack the belt that was then owned by Luke Rockhold.

Bisping reluctantly accepted the opportunity and eventually became the UFC middleweight champion. Although this is nominally the biggest victory of his career, many will say that the victory over Anderson Silva is the turning point of his career.

Michael Bisping played his last match in 2017, losing to Kelvin Gastelum, and officially retired in 2018. Four-year-old Anderson Silva is still an active fighter, and this year he is thrilled in the boxing ring. He defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

in June and easily knocked out Tito Ortiz last weekend.

Bisping on Silva vs Ortiz fight

Michael Bisping is one of many who remained delighted with Silva’s performances, and the retired English fighter has only words of praise for his former rival.

'' Anderson Silva is one of the greatest fighters the human race has ever seen. He is the Bruce Lee of the modern age. Anderson Silva is truly one of the greatest of all time and that is a fact. '', Bisping began with compliments on his Youtube channel and continued with a review of Silva and Ortiz's fight.

'' Tito said he would go out there and make a hole in Silva's head with a blow and that Silva would not be able to use his wing-chun nonsense against him." "That’s not the way you fight Anderson Silva.

You can’t get in the ring against him and be aggressive, no way. His timing is flawless, he has cat-like reflexes, and the variety of strokes he has is amazing." "Before the fight, Tito had to know that he needed to be tactical and have a good strategy. "