GSP: "Before fighting Matt Hughes, I was scared to death"

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GSP: "Before fighting Matt Hughes, I was scared to death"

Although Georges St-Pierre is one of the greatest MMA fighters in history and during his performances he seemed to really enjoy , the Canadian was not without fear of fighting some opponents. Thus, the legendary GSP guest starred with Burt Watson in the "Legend 2 Legend" podcast and admitted that he was scared to death before the first fight against Matt Hughes, which took place in 2004 as part of the UFC 50 event.

It was a fight for the UFC welterweight belt, and the then 23-year-old GSP had only seven professional matches behind him. Matt Hughes on the other hand was 31 years old and was doing his 41st fight of his career. So a huge difference in experience between the two fighters.

Hughes finally celebrated with an "armbar" one second before the end of the first round, and he held the championship belt until November 2006, when he was defeated by GSP by technical knockout in the second round. Georges St-Pierre shared his impressions and views from 2004 when he was supposed to fight Hughes.

'' I had to do my third fight in the UFC against Matt Hughes. When Dana White told me we were going to fight for the title, I thought it was a joke. I didn't trust him. To be honest, I didn't want that fight." "I was scared to death.

I didn’t want to fight him (Hughes). I knew I wasn't ready. It was a nightmare for me. People sometimes forget how awesome Matt Hughes was. He would pick up people and throw them on their heads." "He was a very scary guy to fight against.

One of the pioneers of MMA in Canada was Carlos Newton. He was the first Canadian with a UFC title. Most fighters viewed him as a god. Then Matt Hughes appeared, grabbed from the ‘choking triangle’ position, stood up and shook Newton off the floor." "He also knocked him out.

One of the most brutal knockouts in UFC history, '' GSP recalled, explaining who and what the legendary Matt Hughes was.

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Yet, after his first fight against the Hughes, the GSP realized that he could still deal with such fighters, he became mentaly stronger and managed to defeat him two years later.

'' I fought well (for the first time) and I held out for a while until he pulled my lever. However, after looking at the fight, I realized that my problem was on the mental side." "I entered the cage with no desire to win.

My goal was not to lose. After that fight, I told myself that I could match the best in the world and that I could defeat any fighter, '' St-Pierre added. That's how it really was, because GSP won the welterweight belt on two occasions, and defended it nine more times.

He crowned his career in November 2017 by defeating Michael Bisping in the fight for the UFC middleweight champion