Match to remember: Lawler vs MacDonald

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Match to remember: Lawler vs MacDonald

More than six years have passed since the second showdown between Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald. The two then-best UFC welters competed in the title fight of the evening at the UFC 189 event (Conor McGregor vs Chad Mendes), and the UFC welterweight belt was in play.

Robbie Lawler first defended the title he won in late 2014 by defeating Johny Hendricks. Rory MacDonald on the other hand was on three wins in a row and was given the opportunity to attack the belt. By the way, the first fight between Lawler and MacDonald took place in 2013.

Robbie Lawler celebrated that time as well, but with a split referee's decision after three rounds. Just over four full rounds, we watched the relentless fight of two real warriors. He led Rory MacDonald 3-1 in rounds on all three referee cards.

Coach Firas Zahabi told him he only had to last five more minutes. However, the Canadian was running out of energy, his face was totally destroyed, and a broken nose was especially problematic. "Red King" failed to push through to the end and after a minute of the fifth round, he had to sign a capitulation.

Robbie Lawler also suffered a tremendous amount of damage, but his pressure was still present and his punches found Rory MacDonald’s previously broken nose.

Explanation of the match

A month after the fight in the MMA Hour, the Canadian explained what had happened.

'' He found my nose really well with his left hand. His punches to my nose caused me shocks in the waves that passed through my brain and body." "I just stopped. I’ve never broken a bone in my life and so it was an interesting feeling to fight three rounds with a broken nose.

I felt good until the fifth round, '' MacDonald said at the time. There are many who consider this fight one of the best not only in UFC history but in the entire sport as well. MacDonald then stated in the aforementioned guest appearance at the MMA Hour that the match was the biggest moment in his life.

Still, it could be said that Lawler and Rory were not the same fighters after that fight. Lawler managed to once again defend the belt against Carlos Condit in another war and a close fight that could easily have gone the other way.

After that fight, Lawler was knocked out by Tyron Woodley, and "Ruthless" lost four of the next five matches after the defeat against "T-Wood"