Diaz: "I'm going to beat Robbie Lawler again"

Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler will have a fight at the UFC 226 event on September 25th

by Sead Dedovic
Diaz: "I'm going to beat Robbie Lawler again"

Six and a half years have passed since the UFC 183 show where we watched the fight between Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva. "Spider" defeated Diaz by a unanimous decision, but the outcome of the fight was changed to "No contest" after both fighters were positive in doping testing.

For Diaz, the fight against Silva is still the last performance he has made so far. Still, on Sept. 25, 38-year-old Nick Diaz is scheduled to return to the UFC’s Octagon. His opponent will be Robbie Lawler, and it is a kind of rematch between the two of them.

More years have passed since the first fight between Lawler and Diaz. The two legendary fighters made their first match back in 2004, also under the auspices of the UFC. Nick Diaz celebrated in that fight by knockout in the second round of the fight.

So, 17 years later, this duo will be fighting again in the UFC cage. The fighters went through a lot after that in 2004 and the first match. Robbie Lawler has performed for various major promotions, and he experienced the peak of his career from 2014 to mid-2016.

He then won the UFC welterweight title, and the belt was successfully defended twice. In those years, he was listed as one of the scariest fighters on the entire UFC roster and provided a string of great fights. Nick Diaz on the other hand after his first fight against Lawler had an interesting path in his career and became an extremely popular fighter with a large fan base.

Nick's returning

The charismatic fighter from Stockton was Strikeforce’s welterweight champion and defended the belt three times. However, his return to the UFC in 2011 was not as successful. After the win against B.J.

Penn, Diaz lost to Carlos Condit and GSP, followed by a "No contest" against Anderson Silva. For a variety of reasons, Diaz did not perform after that and many feel he wasted the best years for one fighter. Nick, however, claims to be returning as a much better fighter, and in a brief announcement for UFC Europe, he described what we can expect.

'' I'm actually a far more dangerous fighter now than I was in the first fight against Robbie Lawler. I will be truly unstoppable after I have made the right decisions. I'm going to beat Robbie again, '' Nick Diaz said The UFC 266 event will be held on Sept.

25 in Las Vegas. Two belt fights are planned for the event. Alexander Volkanovsky will defend the featherweight belt against Brian Ortega, while Lauren Murphy will try to surprise the whole world in the fight against Valentine Shevchenko for the flyweight champion.

However, the fans will follow the match between Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler with great interest, and this fight has been arranged for five rounds, although it is not a "main event" or a fight for the belt..