B.J. Penn explained why Khabib did not move to the welterweight category

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B.J. Penn explained why Khabib did not move to the welterweight category

Khabib Nurmagomedov was often called out because he fights in the lightweight category. Critics have been loud with accusations that Nurmagomedov is losing a lot of weight to perform in that category and is noticeably bigger and stronger than his opponents.

Some have said he avoids the welterweight category because it abounds with physically imposing and very good grapplers like Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington. Khabib Nurmagomedov stated a few days ago that he believes B.J.

Penna is the second-best fighter in the history of the lightweight category (he considers himself the best). The Dagestani said Penn was a definition of the lightweight category for a long time, and then he switched to the welterweight category and won the belt there as well.

B.J. Penn decided to touch Nurmagomedov via his Instagram profile and gave his view on why the undefeated Dagestani never tried out in the welterweight category. "Ever since Khabib said that he is the greatest lightweight fighter in history and that I am the second-best, many people have asked me why Khabib did not fight Usman for the welterweight belt and why he did not perform in that category at all as I did many times."


"In my humble opinion, this is so because he is not professional enough and did not believe enough in his jiu-jitsu. I believe the reason why Khabib did not fight Usman is the fact that he does not know jiu-jitsu as I knew it."

"He doesn’t feel comfortable fighting from behind against someone who is bigger and stronger than him while I’ve done it a lot of times in my career." "I fought in welterweight, middleweight, and heavyweight, and I had to fight every fight lying on my back, surviving, coming back and giving an even stronger fight if I wanted to win, '' Penn began with a detailed explanation and continued.

'' My experience as a black jiu-jitsu belt and fighting in my and absolute category prepared me for such things. Gracie’s jiu-jitsu and Brazilian jiu-jitsu aren’t enough to be a UFC champion, but if we’re going to pick one system, BJJ is still the best self-defense system there is, especially when a smaller man fights a bigger one."

"That was part of the game. Khabib says that jiu-jitsu is easy and that he is the best grappler ever, but he did not fight against bigger opponents in higher weight categories because his style is not ready for that."

"It is something for which jiu-jitsu was created, for a small man to defend himself from a big man! It's a martial art, it's self-defense !! '', added B.J. Penn.