Cannonier to Brunson: "If you want to be the first challenger, fight against me!"

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Cannonier to Brunson: "If you want to be the first challenger, fight against me!"

Derek Brunson is very vocal about attacking the UFC middleweight belt after defeating Darren Till last weekend by submitting in the third round of the fight. The 37-year-old Brunson has thus come to his fifth victory in a row, is currently fourth in the middleweight rankings, and believes he deserves to get his first chance to attack the title.

Brunson has been a member of the UFC since 2012, celebrating 14 times and losing five times under the umbrella of the world’s strongest MMA promotion. However, Derek had problems against fighters from the very top of the category in his UFC career, and for a reason, he didn't get a chance to fight for the belt It is clear that Robert Whittaker will be the next challenger of current champion Israel Adesanya.

That fight is certain, and we are just waiting for the official date and location of their rematch. It is likely that this match will take place early next year, and Brunson hopes to be at least a replacement if someone cancels due to injury, coronavirus, or some third reason.

One of the fighters who felt somewhat offended by Brunson's lobbying for the "title shot" is Jared Cannonier, currently the third-ranked fighter in the middleweight rankings. The 37-year-old "Killa Gorilla" is not on the winning streak like Brunson, but he has achieved four victories in the last five appearances and was defeated only by the great Robert Whittaker.

Canonnier on Brunson

Cannonier defeated Kelvin Gastelum on August 21 and also hopes to attack the belt as soon as possible. '' I understand his (Brunson's) position. He’s been here a long time, and he never got a chance to attack the belt.

He was close to a ‘title shot’, but then he ran into Izzy and is now on his way." "Honestly, I don’t think he’s in a position where he can wait for a ‘title shot’. He’s fifth, he beat seventh.

I don’t think it’s worth that much. I think that victory only confirms his position on the challenger scale." "I don’t think that makes him the first challenger. Therefore, if he wants to be cemented as the first challenger, he should fight me.

After that, he can sit on the sidelines and wait for a guaranteed opportunity to attack the belt, '' Cannonier told Submission Radio, further clarifying the situation at the top of the UFC middleweight division. '' If we wait, I'll get a chance before him.

If we look at the order, it is simply so. Honestly, I'm waiting for them to call me, and if he (Brunson) refuses, he won't be the first to refuse to fight me." "A bunch of these guys refuse to fight me, a lot of them from the top of the category said ‘no’ to fighting me. So I won’t be surprised."