Alex Pereira signed a contract with the UFC

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Alex Pereira signed a contract with the UFC

What was speculated last week has been confirmed this week. Alex Pereira, 34 (33-7-0 Kickboxing, 3-1-0), one of the best kickboxers in the world, decided to transition to MMA and signed a contract with the UFC. The former Glory middleweight and the welterweight champion has some MMA experience as he has done four professional MMA fights.

However, the Brazilian has not fought with renowned MMA fighters and is already signing for the UFC, the world’s strongest MMA promotion. As early as last week, there was information that Alex Pereira would sign a contract with the UFC after a rematch against Russian Artem Vakhitov in the fight for Glory's light heavyweight belt.

Pereira narrowly lost by a majority decision of the referees, and they take away a point from him during the fourth round. Pereira thus lost for the first time since 2017, and he will soon have his first MMA fight after November 2020 and a knockout against Thomas Powell.

Namely, although it has not been officially confirmed yet, numerous sources say that the first Brazilian opponent in the UFC will be the Greek Andreas Michailidis (13-4-0, 1-1 UFC), a fighter who also made one appearance at the FFC.

His opponent under the auspices of the Croatian MMA promotion was the Macedonian Borče Talevski, and Michailidis celebrated in 2017 by knockout in the first round.

Madison Square fight

Pereira is scheduled to fight the Greeks on Nov.

6 at New York's Madison Square Garden. The fight will take place in the middle category. Pereira confirmed the signing of the contract with the UFC on his Instagram profile by writing: '' Hey people, it's official now!

Thanks a lot to the UFC, I'm very happy to be part of this family. " What is particularly interesting is the fact that Alex Pereira will perform in the middleweight category within which the current champion is Israel Adesanya.

Pereira and Adesanya have a certain common history. The aforementioned duo fought twice according to kickboxing rules, and Pereira celebrated both times. In his second appearance, the Brazilian even managed to knock out Adesanya and that makes him the only fighter to ever knock out the current UFC middleweight champion.

Many hope that Pereira will have a successful transition to MMA and that in time he will reach the MMA fight against Israel Adesanya. They certainly hope for that in the UFC, which is why they signed this attractive kickboxer.

We can’t even imagine what a spectacle such a fight would be, and whether Adesanya would prove better this time