GSP on Silva's boxing performance: ‘One of the best performances of his career’

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GSP on Silva's boxing performance: ‘One of the best performances of his career’

Retired Canadian MMA fighter and one of the greatest MMA fighters ever Georges St-Pierre is one of many that Anderson Silva delighted with his boxing performance in June this year. We remind you that "Spider" then defeated Julius Cesar Chavez Jr., a former world champion and boxer, for whom this was the 60th professional boxing match.

Silva will have a new boxing match next weekend, and on the other side of the ring will be another former MMA fighter, Tito Ortiz. Georges St-Pierre in the seventh month of this year revealed that his contract with the UFC expires in about two years, and then he will be open for various exhibitions and charity matches.

The Canadian often pointed out that Dana White did not allow him to go boxing trips even though he was interested. Anderson Silva's performance seems to have further motivated him to try another sport. '' It was one of the best performances of his career, I would say on par with the elite performances he provided in MMA.

For me, the way he beat Chavez is amazing, and I was under the impression that Chavez would dominate him because of his boxing experience."

Silva vs Hall

"Man, Silva surprised everyone. It was very inspiring to see him perform that way.

It was very, very inspiring, '' GSP told MMA Hour, referring to Silva's last appearance in the UFC when he lost to Uriah Hall. '' What a great ending for Silva now. I hope that if he returns with fights like this, it will be something worthwhile.

Not only in terms of money, but also in terms of his legacy, something that will shine and look good." "If you look at his last UFC performance against Uriah Hall, it was kind of disappointing, a little sad. But what a way to go back.

What a way to get back to the top. Man, that was amazing. '', Added GSP, visibly delighted with Silva's dominant performance against Chavez. Although "Spider" won by a split referee's decision, it remained somewhat unclear why one of the referees awarded the victory to the Mexican.

Silva performed an extremely dominant performance and was definitely a better boxer in that match. As mentioned above, Silva is now waiting for the match against Tito Ortiz, and GSP considers the Brazilian to be the favorite.

"I think it's a good fight, or it could be good for Anderson Silva because boxing is more his area of ​​expertise."