Bisping: "Darren Till fought Brunson with knee injury"

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Bisping: "Darren Till fought Brunson with knee injury"
Bisping: "Darren Till fought Brunson with knee injury" (Provided by Sport World News)

For a long time, Darren Till did not look as bad in one fight as last weekend against Derek Brunson. The Liverpool fighter has lost four times in his last five appearances, but even against Jorge Masvidal who brutally knocked him out, Till had his good moments.

It was similar against Robert Whittaker, against whom Darren gave a completely correct performance. It’s hard to say whether Till looked worse against Woodley or Brunson, and in both fights he ended up submitting. Retired English fighter and current commentator Michael Bisping has revealed the potential reason for Till’s poor performance.

'' I went 'backstage' to see Darren after the fight and of course he was very disappointed, but at the same time he was a man and he stayed focused. He was frustrated and that’s understandable." "I spent about 30 minutes with him and Colin Heron (coach of Darren Till), just talking to them and giving him advice.

I will probably break his code now, but he suffered an injury while preparing for this fight."


"Ten weeks before the fight, he tore the anterior cruciate ligament, but never even mentioned it. That's the excuse, the reason for the defeat, whatever you want to call it, he never mentioned it, and I'm sure Derek had some problems, too, '' Bisping told BT Sport and went on to talk about Till.

'' With that type of injury, he told me he was receiving various medical treatments before the fight. Of course, such an injury affected his performance, but still, you can't take anything away from Derek Brunson from his victory, Darren decided to perform.

" Darren Till had to cancel two pre-arranged appearances against Jack Hermansson and Marvin Vettori, both due to injury. It is possible that this time he really suffered an injury, but he did not want to cancel another performance.

Derek Brunson on the other hand also had his problems. Three weeks before the fight, he received a severe blow to the ribs in sparring and almost canceled the fight because of it, but in the end he also performed. So we watched the fight of two fighters inflicted with severe injuries.

If Till's anterior cruciate ligament is indeed injured, the English fighter could be out of the cage again for a little longer. However, great respect should be shown to this fighter since he did not find excuses after the defeat as most fighters do, so he bravely accepted the defeat and we have no doubt that he will come back stronger and show that he is still a great fighter.