Pimblett: ‘I have a personality, I have a look, the new king is here!'

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Pimblett: ‘I have a personality, I have a look, the new king is here!'

At a show where one Liverpool fighter, and of course Darren Till, fell to the lowest stair of his UFC career so far, another “scouser” got his impressive start. This is, of course, Paddy Pimblett, until recently the biggest star of the Cage Warriors.

We've waited for his debut for a long time and then he did not disappoint. In a very exciting fight, "The Baddy" defeated Luigi Vendramini with a stoppage towards the end of the first round. Winning, knockout, and earned bonus, all phenomenal for a great performance.

"I've shown everyone that I'm able to get through trouble since he hit me with a few good left crochets. I have to stop letting people hit me in the face." "I'm too eager to give a show so I put my hands down and get into fiery fights with people.

I'm doing that in the hall, I can't help myself." "I like to fight, I know it's stupid because it can go in the wrong direction, but this time it's not, "Paddy said at an official press conference after the show.

New fight

He found that there was actually a problem with finding an opponent for him and not on his part. He also said that from today on he does not intend to refuse any fight. As soon as the offer comes, he intends to accept it.

"Vendramini is the fourth name I got for this fight. And for each of the others I said I accept the fight. I never said no in a situation like that. I'm not a bit*h" "Whoever they put on my fight contract, I'll sign that contract.

I don't care if they are good ranked, where they come from or if I will fight in their yard." "Even if I fight in their yard, everyone will go crazy when I go to the arena. That's what I do, "he announced his intentions, revealing how the next performance, however, has an idea: "As Dana said, when he decided to point me out, he knows it will be fun to come back to England with me on the program.

November or December, give a show in England and let's break down the roof of the hall." Paddy has a ratio 17-3, with the 13th triumph by a stoppage(six times by knockout, seven times by forcing him to surrender).

He is pleased to have presented more than many believed he could. In addition, he added something to the account of his own marketing.