Brunson dominant in the fight against Till

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Brunson dominant in the fight against Till

The fifth victory in a row and certainly the biggest and most valuable for Derek Brunson in the main fight of UFC Fight Night 191. He defeated the favored Darren Till thereby making his wrestling an unsolvable problem for the famous English fighter, who actually managed to lose the fight not even half a minute after he left the impression that he could turn it around.

Of course, the main question before the fight between Till and Brunson was whether the Englishman could keep the fight on his feet and use his advantage in stand-up, which he has technically, but especially at the expense of the length of his limbs.

So far, the statistics have stated that he has a great defense against takedown and that he could succeed in that, but we could quickly realize that he has only now come across as a technically good enough wrestler. Till started the fight very well.

He hit from a distance he felt very well and slowly filled with confidence. However, he did not last like that until the middle of the first round, since Brunson came to the same in the first attempt to takedown him. This was followed by three minutes of dominance on the floor and the end of the round in a leg fight, within which Till failed to do anything significant.

Other rounds

In the second round, Till defended his first attempt for takedown, but the round is long. After two minutes Brunson lifts Till along the edge of the cage and takes the fight to the floor once more. Dominantly, he finished the round and started in the third.

Till managed to keep the fight on his feet there and after a little over a minute he managed to hit Brunson badly. The American danced to his feet, visibly shaken, and Till moved more aggressively. Brunson replies as best he can, by entering into his legs, which Till once again failed to defend.

They ended up on the floor where Brunson starts with the punches. Till leaves his back in an attempt to escape, Brunson sees it, catches a choke, and very quickly forces him to tap for his big win, but also Till’s fourth defeat in the last six fights.

Much better than Till, his teammate and great heavyweight potential Tom Aspinall did his job. The fighter, whose movement is reminiscent of Cyril Gane, which we can probably call the two of them heavyweights of the new generation, continued his impressive UFC series with his fourth victory from as many performances.