Al Iaquinta dissatisfied with UFC policy


Al Iaquinta dissatisfied with UFC policy

For a long time, 34-year-old Al Iaquinta was absent from the UFC cage after losing to Dan Hooker in October 2019. It was the second defeat in a row for "Raging", but the third in the last four appearances. It should be noted that Iaquinta, with the exception of Hooker, lost to fighters such as Khabib Nurmagomedov and Donald Cerrone, and defeated Kevin Lee.

On Nov. 6 this year, Iaquinta is set to return to the Octagon, and as part of the New York UFC 268 event, he will fight Bobby Green. Al Iaquinta in an interview with MMA Hour described the experience of contracting that fight, more specifically dissatisfaction with UFC policy.

"I was somewhat disappointed because they announced the fight in that way because they asked my manager about that fight, and I said we would accept it, but some things in my contract have not been clarified yet." "For the last week and a half to two, I've been trying to reach Sean Shelby and Hunter Campbell, and I haven't been able to talk with them at all, '' Raging Al said, and then described how he found out the fight against Green was official.

Iaquinta was angry

'' I watched the fights on Saturday and I fell asleep watching them. I woke up, looked at the phone, and saw 9,000 messages on Instagram and Twitter." "It wasn’t clear to me what was going on, and then I realized they had announced a fight.

I was thinking which house, I haven't even signed a contract yet." "I hate when they do it because they’ve done it to me once before, and it’s really not the right thing to do. It bothers me a lot, especially since they know I tried to get in touch with them.

I am sure we will solve everything, '' Iaquinta added. It’s no unknown how UFC leaders use such tactics where they bring fighters into awkward situations. Similar things were said recently by Luke Rockhold who spoke about his fight against Sean Strickland.

'' I think Dana makes things harder than they actually are, probably because we differed in some views. He appears in front of the media and says that they offered the fight to Sean Strickland, and then there was no offer." "Neither the potential date was known, nor was there an official offer.

He just wants to throw out the news to put extra pressure. I don't know what to say, except that it's stupid, '' Rockhold told Submission Radio at the time.