Gaethje: "Holloway is my favorite fighter and I don’t want to fight him"

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Gaethje: "Holloway is my favorite fighter and I don’t want to fight him"

The UFC’s lightweight fighter Justin Gaethje is set to face Michael Chandler on Nov. 6. Although on paper it is an extremely exciting fight and a great stylistic pairing, Justin revealed in an interview with ESPN that he was close, that is, he thought that he could be paired with Max Holloway.

'' Max is probably my favorite fighter to watch and so I honestly don't want to ever fight that guy. But I have to put myself in competition to attack the belt." "I wasn’t sure if Brian Ortega and Alexander Volkanovski would have to fight because they are coaches at TUF.

I thought how Max might want to get into the lightweight category and try his hand at attacking the belt now that Khabib is gone." "It was an option for a while, but it didn't happen, "said Justin Gaeth.

In the end, Gaethje got Chandler as an opponent, and Max Holloway has not shown ambition to move to the lightweight category lately. The 29-year-old "Blessed" should fight Yairo Rodriguez, and with the victory, he would probably get a chance to regain his belt, which will be held by Alexander Volkanovski or Brian Ortega after September 25.

Holloway has only competed in the UFC lightweight category once, and that happened in April 2019 when Dustin Poirier defeated him by unanimous decision after five rounds of a great fight. With that victory, "Diamond" won the title of interim lightweight champion.

Their fight

There is probably a possibility that the Hawaiian fighter will try again in the lightweight category in the future. However, Max is only 29 years old and there are a lot of fights ahead of him. He is currently focused on returning the featherweight belt to his ownership, and we will see later.

One thing is for sure, the UFC can hardly make a better match than the one between Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway. The two fighters who prefer a stand-up fight have almost never provided boring matches and surely we would get a real war in their showdown.

However, we do not know how realistic this option is and whether such a fight will ever happen. Gaethje has shown respect for Holloway, but Holloway also has a positive opinion of Gaethje. Now that there is no Khabib, the lightweight category looks much more interesting and there are many fighters competing in the title fight.

Yet most believe that the two names are far ahead of the others, namely Gaethje and Poirier. It will certainly be interesting to find out who will be the next champion