Gaethje: "The light category has become a subject of ridicule"

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Gaethje: "The light category has become a subject of ridicule"

It seems like Justin Gaethje just can’t accept the fact that Charles Oliveira is the UFC lightweight champion and that he came to the title by defeating Michael Chandler. Namely, Gaethje sees no point in pairing the two in the belt fight after Khabib Nurmagomedov retired and left the place at the top of the category.

In an interview with ESPN, Justin explained his views in more detail. '' I was furious then. I considered this the most coveted title in the UFC while Khabib was there, and the category turned into an object of ridicule overnight."

"Charles Oliveira and Michael Chandler fought each other to decide who was the best, and neither of them was the best. That's Dustin Poirier and me. That fight was supposed to happen, "Highlight said. Dustin Poirier could actually have fought for the title, but he chose a trilogy with Conor McGregor, and he will probably get a chance to attack the belt in December this year.

Fight against Chandler

Justin Gaethje on the other hand had a chance to win the belt in October last year, but Khabib Nurmagomedov overcame him with a submission (triangle choke) in the second round of the fight. Justin, 32, did not perform after that, and on November 6, he will fight Michael Chandler in New York's Madison Square Garden.

It will be a real opportunity for Justin to prove that he is truly better than Chandler, and if Poirier later defeats Charles Oliveira, good preconditions will be created for Gaethje so that his greatest wish could be fulfilled The duo fought in 2018, and Diamond celebrated in a knockout in the fourth round of the fight.

Numerous martial arts website have declared this fight the best in 2018 and it is certain that absolutely no one would mind if these two great fighters found themselves on opposite sides of the UFC cage again. Next time, the championship belt could be in the game, but let's wait until the end of the year because something is being asked of Michael Chandler and Charles Oliveira as well.

We are also sure that most UFC fans think that these two fighters are really one of the best in the UFC, but still White had other plans that he thinks are better, and sometimes UFC fighters do not have the right to choose.

Still, we hope to see two great fighters who have been dominant for a long time and who could really put on a real spectacle