Kevin Lee: "Haters can burn in hell"

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Kevin Lee: "Haters can burn in hell"
Kevin Lee: "Haters can burn in hell" (Provided by Sport World News)

Kevin Lee took a break for almost a year and a half after losing to Charles Oliveira in March last year. "Motown Phenom" underwent two difficult knee surgeries, and returned last weekend to fight, in the welterweight category.

His original opponent Sean Brady had to cancel the match due to a foot infection, and Daniel Rodriguez jumped on the "short notice". Kevin announced that he would appear in his best release ever and that we would see something completely new from him.

He also mentioned himself as the biggest threat to Kamaru Usman, the current UFC welterweight champion. However, all of this has already been seen by Lee, and the 29-year-old from Detroit lost by a unanimous decision. UFC President Dana White said after the fight that he is not sure about the future of Kevin Lee, more precisely, he is not sure whether "Motown Phenom" will continue to compete for the world's strongest MMA organization.

This is probably not the news that the young fighter still wants to hear after the defeat. Kevin, however, posted on his Instagram profile and announced that he has no plans to stop with this sport.

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' I didn't give a good performance, but honestly, after 500 days of being out of the cage and multiple surgeries, I'm proud of myself and what I've done." "I tried to climb an extremely high mountain, and this was just another obstacle on the way.

My best performances are yet to come and I know it." "I don’t care if I have to hit my head to get there, I won’t stop until I figure out how to solve this s*it. I still compete with the best in the world." "If you have something negative to say, I tell you from the bottom of my heart.

Fu*k all hatred and let the haters burn in hell. Thanks to everyone who responded with love. I'm not done yet, not even close. '', Wrote a visibly disappointed Kevin on his Instagram profile. The defeat against Rodriguez is the fourth in the last five appearances for Kevin and he definitely needs a few wins in a row.

Once a big lightweight talent is on the verge of being fired, he’s in the UFC, but for how long. Now he is left with the hope that he will get at least one more chance, and then he will really have to appear in his best release ever.