McGregor on Aldo: ‘What a warrior, I would like us to fight again’

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McGregor on Aldo: ‘What a warrior, I would like us to fight again’

Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor is currently recovering from a severe leg fracture he suffered on July 10 in a fight against Dustin Poirier. "Notorious" and Dustin fought for the third time, and at the end of the first round, McGregor suffered a serious injury that prevented him from continuing the match.

Journalist Chisanga Malata shared a video via his Twitter profile in which Conor McGregor describes how the recovery is going. '' For the first time after surgery I can expose my leg to a load, I bear it with 15 percent of my body weight.

I am very pleased with my recovery. I eat well, I lift weights well, I'm a big boy, '' Conor told the Brazilian, who did a short interview with him. After talking about his recovery, the Irishman asked the reporter where he was from, and the person replied that he was from Brazil.

Conor McGregor took the opportunity to talk to the Brazilian about Jose Aldo, once a big rival in the UFC lightweight category. Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor have often shown respect for each other lately. Thus, the Brazilian expressed support for the Irishman in his recovery from a serious injury, saying that he never doubts the champions, while Conor McGregor wrote that Aldo is a real legend after the victory over Pedro Munhoz.

Jose Aldo

In an interview with a Brazilian reporter, the Irishman continued to praise Jose Aldo. '' What a warrior that man is. It was an honor to share the Octagon with him. I'd like us to do the fight again. I think he deserved more.

Full respect to Jose Aldo and the Brazilians'' said McGregor, who appeared in the jersey of the Paris Saint-Germain football club. It is hard to expect how we will ever watch the rematch of Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor if we take into account that the Brazilian went down to the lower category (bantam) while the Irishman moved to the higher category and also performed in the welterweight division.

It would be sad that the two great fighters did not do a rematch immediately after the first fight because only 13 seconds of the fight is not what we hoped for in 2015 and it is certain that Aldo can do much more than that.

McGregor will apparently recover faster than previously thought and will return to training. He looked quite in the mood and we can’t wait to watch him in the ring again