White responded to Paul's statement that he would be knocked out

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White responded to Paul's statement that he would be knocked out

Ever since Jake Paul became a relevant name in the world of martial arts, one of his opponents has become UFC president, Dana White. So Paul has already appeared at a UFC event, where he has created problems for members of the security, and often uses the opportunity to call out White when it comes to recruiting fighters.

But also Paul has repeatedly said he is ready to fight a number of different UFC fighters, in the foreground against Conor McGregor, but the last one he mentioned was White. So the UFC president couldn’t help but comment on this during a press conference following this weekend’s UFC event.

"It makes sense that he's talking. I'm 52 years old, I'm kind of on par with the guys he's fighting for years. So, it's clear to me that he wants to fight me. Everyone he's fighting is 50-year-olds."

said White with a smile and no plan to comment further on Paul. Still, he couldn't do without answering another question.

White on Paul

Namely, Paul stated that everything will probably end so that he will run into White inside a club in Las Vegas, where he will be knocked out.

White had a ready answer to that. "You know what, get in line. There are a very large number of people who want to attack me. Let him stand at the end of the line, and that line is very long my friend." "You'll wait a long time.

Things like that don't bother me at all. I say that for fights, we're not in the business of good guys. This is a bad job. I also say all sorts of things about other people, it's all right as far as I'm concerned," White briefly explained his view of it.

Now that Paul has beaten Woodley, most expect him to call out White even more and not give up. With the win over Woodley, Paul is full of confidence, even though he had it before. However, this victory will give him extra wings and will probably continue as before- This means that he will continue to call out some names like White, but obviously it will bring him profit and advertising, so we see no reason why Paul would give up.

It will be interesting who will be his next opponent and whether there will be someone from the world of MMA again or this time the fight will be with a professional boxer.