Darren Till: "I know Usman wants a fight against me"

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Darren Till: "I know Usman wants a fight against me"
Darren Till: "I know Usman wants a fight against me" (Provided by Sport World News)

On September 8, 2018, then-undefeated 25-year-old English fighter Darren Till fought for the UFC welterweight belt. However, Tyron Woodley overcame him fairly easily by choking 41 seconds before the end of the second round.

After that defeat, Darren did another fight in the welterweight category, but Jorge Masvidal brutally knocked him out in front of the home crowd in London. Two defeats in a row aren’t the only problems Till has faced in the welterweight division.

Namely, the fighter from Liverpool fall twice time in weighing in eight UFC appearances in the mentioned category, and he did not hide that it is extremely difficult for him to lose weight for that category. Therefore, in 2019, "Gorilla" moved to the middleweight category, where he defeated Kelvin Gastelum by a divided referee's decision.

After that, Till made another performance, but Robert Whittaker was better after five rounds of a good fight. Darren’s next appearance is set to take place on Sept. 4 when he will face Derek Brunson in the UFC Fight Night 191 event, again in the middleweight division.


Although Till is currently seventh in the middleweight rankings and hopes to fight Israel Adesanya in the future, the 28-year-old is not writing off his return to the welterweight division. '' I could probably still lose weight for the welterweight category.

I know Usman wants a fight against me. He said he still wants to fight Till, and there is a certain history between us." It seems that Till is especially motivated and that the match against Usman is what he wants most. We will see if such a wish will come true and if he can overcome such an obstacle "He and Leon Edwards are destined to do a rematch, and Leon will take that title.

However, why don't I lose weight one more time and do the last dance to see if I can reach the belt I should have had, '' Till told ESPN. It’s hard to expect this to happen, especially considering that Till isn’t a middleweight champion, and Usman definitely doesn’t lack legitimate challengers in the welterweight division.

However, it seems that Darren still regrets not reaching that belt. As for the history between him and Usman, the Nigerian often called out Till while the Englishman was in the welterweight category and felt that Till was undeservingly grabbing for the opportunity for belt before him. Very quickly Kamaru proved that he is truly the best in that category.