Michael Chandler signed a contract for the fight

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Michael Chandler signed a contract for the fight

Will Michael Chandler get vaccinated or not i.e. will this create a problem around contracting a fight against Justin Gaethje? That has been the main issue in recent days around the fight that has been going on for months.

The latest information said that Chandler still doubts whether he will accept what would be a condition for him to perform in the state of New York, and even that he is closer to the decision not to do so. Still, the decision seems to have been made.

We can conclude this from his last post. Has anything changed in the rules, has the UFC managed to get an exception for its fighter or will Michael still receive the vaccine? It doesn’t really even matter if the fight is finally confirmed.

"Signed, sealed, delivered. November 6 we party!" Chandler wrote on Twitter, thus apparently putting an end to all rumors. Apparently, he confirmed that the fight against Gaethje will take place at UFC 268 events. The location has not been confirmed yet, but it should be Madison Square Garden.

The only thing that can disrupt this is some unexpected new epidemiological measures. But for just such reasons, the UFC has yet to confirm everything. Although this fight is currently the most talked about and written about, it is of course not the main thing on the program.

The rematch of Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington for the welterweight title will play that role, and another fight for the title is expected.


Some even hope that Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane could be found there, who would probably take on the role of the main fight, but this is currently in the realm of the imagination of fans, and not so much in the real plans of the UFC or fighters, at least as much as known to the public.

Chandler will be looking for a victory in this fight worthy of staying among the relevant candidates to attack the top, while Gaethje believes that it would be enough for him to confirm his position as a challenger. Chandler seems overjoyed that the problem has finally been resolved, and we’ll see if he decides to get vaccinated after all.

In any case, everything is resolved and it is obvious that Chandler is eagerly awaiting his fight which could be a turning point in his career. Michael is aware of how serious a fighter Gaeth is and that he will not have an easy job, but we also know that Chandler can beat any fighter. We will see if he will eventually succeed and achieve his goal