Kris Moutinho will re-enter the cage after three months

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Kris Moutinho will re-enter the cage after three months

The 29-year-old bantamweight fighter made his debut under the auspices of the UFC in the seventh month of this year. Sean O'Malley was supposed to fight Louis Smolka, but as Smolka contracted a staphylococcal infection, the UFC selected Chris Moutinho as a replacement, a fighter who had not played for the UFC before, and his win-loss ratio was not impressive (9-4- 0).

Pairing a fighter of such renown with the talented Sean O’Malley didn’t make much sense to many. Yet while many experts and analysts expected a quick and easy win for O’Malley, debutant Moutinho delighted with the heartiness and tenacity he presented.

"Suga" Sean eventually came to victory with a stoppage 27 seconds before the end of the fight, and although some like Dana White argue that the fight should have ended earlier, a good portion of those who think the referee should have allowed Moutinho to endure to the end and to experience certain satisfaction.

Although Moutinho suffered as many as 230 significant blows, just over three months after that fight, he will perform again in the UFC’s cage. Namely, Kris Moutinho will fight Aaron Phillips (12-4-0, 0-3 UFC) on October 23 in the UFC Fight Night 196 event led by a fight between Paul Costa and Marvin Vettori.

Philipps' debut

Aaron Phillips debuted under the auspices of the world's strongest MMA organization back in May 2014. However, after two consecutive defeats, he was fired, and with five wins in a row, he managed to return to the UFC.

He had a fight against Jack Shore in July last year but was defeated by a choke in the second round. Although the 32-year-old "Dragon" is winning in other promotions, he is constantly struggling in the UFC and with the defeat against Moutinho, he will probably close the doors of the UFC completely.

However, Phillips, like Moutinho, proved to be an extremely strong and combative fighter and it is an interesting "matchup" by the UFC. Of course, both of them will have a huge motive, especially Philips, who will do his best to stay within the strongest organization, but his first obstacle is Kris Moutinho, who wants to raise his form to a higher level.

Both are dangerous fighters, and it is certain that they are maximally ready and that they have special tactics before this match. We will be looking forward to the match between these two fighters, and we will probably have a real spectacle that could last a long time.