Paddy Pimblett: "Khabib became the Karen of MMA"

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Paddy Pimblett: "Khabib became the Karen of MMA"
Paddy Pimblett: "Khabib became the Karen of MMA" (Provided by Sport World News)

There is a lot of attention around young fighter even though he doesn’t have a single appearance for the UFC at the moment. However, former Cage Warriors champion Paddy Pimblett (16-3-0) is always open and so in a conversation with Submission Radio, he touched on retired Dagestani Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Paddy hopes to one day deal with the Dagestani in a cage. '' I'd love to get Khabib out of retirement, I'd really love to. However, I don’t see a way for anyone to get him back. He became the 'Karen' of the MMA scene, '' Pimblett began, looking back at Nurmagomedov.

By the way, "Karen" is a derogatory term for the stereotype of a white woman who thinks she is right and is destined for certain things that are actually outside the scope of what is normal and what she deserves. The term also refers to a “meme” that depicts white women using their privilege to demand things in their own way.

One example of such a stereotype is a woman who will almost always be asked to talk to superiors and is often associated with racism. The 26-year-old from Liverpool in the continuation of the interview for Submission Radio commented on Khabib's recent guest appearance on the Hitboxin podcast hosted by Mike Tyson, and it could be said that Pimblett thinks that Nurmagomedov behaved like a typical "Karen".

Paddy on Khabib

'' He recently visited Mike Tyson and asked Mike to remove his fast food and weed (marijuana) from the table. It doesn't go that way, man. It’s his podcast and he’ll do what he wants, so shut up!

You are invited as a guest and you will do what they tell you, '' Paddy added. "The Baddy" will make his debut on September 4 this year as part of the UFC Fight Night 191 event, and his opponent will be Brazilian Luigi Vendramini.

Pimblett has signed a contract with the UFC after two consecutive wins in the Cage Warriors promotion and hopes to continue his winning streak. Paddy is already looking to the future and hopes to fight big names and famous fighters, and is quite interested in fighting Irishman Conor Mcgregor.

'' I'll be honest, he has tarnished his legacy. An Irishman against Scouser (a Liverpool person), that would be fuc*in good." "It would be crazy to be honest with you. Conor McGregor is the type of fighter who puts money first, and fighting at Anfield in front of 60 or 70,000 people is where the money is." "So I think that fight could happen.

But in the end, it doesn't matter because I will be such a big star that you can pair me with a homeless person and I will still fill the stadium, "said the extremely confident and ambitious" Scouser ".

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