Demian Maia wants a farewell fight in the UFC

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Demian Maia wants a farewell fight in the UFC
Demian Maia wants a farewell fight in the UFC (Provided by Sport World News)

Legendary Brazilian MMA fighter Demian Maia (28-11-0) is getting closer to the end of his MMA career, but he is hoping for a farewell fight in the UFC. The 43-year-old lost in June this year to Belal Muhammad who inflicted his second defeat in a row, and the contract between Demian Maia and the UFC expired after that fight.

Although Dana White has stated that this is probably the end of Maia in the UFC, Demian believes there is still a chance to do at least one more, farewell fight. '' Such things have happened before, we have seen cases where the company has changed its attitude and opinion.

A lot depends on the market situation." "I’ve fought in the UFC my whole life and it’s my home. I want to do my last fight there, and I think a lot depends on the situation in Brazil. If they allow shows in the presence of spectators, I think that will attract the interest of the UFC to have me at their show." "I’m currently waiting to see what happens, but I repeat, I want to do another fight.

I still train twice a day, '' Maia told MMA Fighting.


Demian Maia has established himself during his career as arguably the greatest BJJ master in MMA, and 14 wins by submission and no defeats in that way are a good confirmation of that.

There are many fighters that Maia finished with his special, backstroke and RNC. Maia successfully competed in the BJJ at the beginning of his MMA career and won gold at the ADCC World Championships as well as at the World Jiu-jitsu Championships.

The 43-year-old claims he still gets a number of offers for jiu-jitsu matches. '' I really get a lot of offers to go back to jiu-jitsu competitions, whether it's no-gi (without a kimono) or gi (in a kimono). It’s something I want and I’ll probably deal with it." "Chael Sonnen has his Submission Underground promotion and he talked to me about the possibilities of fighting someone there.

I think it would be interesting to fight some MMA fighter according to jiu-jitsu rules because that would attract a lot of attention." "If they pair me with some new face from the world of jiu-jitsu, we’ll only attract fans from that industry.

However, if they pair me with some MMA fighter, here I will give you an example." "Sonnen asked me if I was interested in fighting Tony Ferguson or Kamaru Usman. Such fights would resonate not only in the jiu-jitsu community but in all communities that love martial arts, '' Maia said, adding that for now he is rejecting Sonnen because he hoped for an MMA fight against Nate Diaz.

We hope that the wishes of Demian Maia will come true because he is a truly great athlete whose career and behavior can serve as an example to future generations of fighters.