New conflict between McGregor and Khabib

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New conflict between McGregor and Khabib

Conor McGregor is one of those who can hardly be left without a reaction if one of his biggest rivals mentions him. Especially if it is about Khabib Nurmagomedov, who did it a few days ago. In fact, Khabib took Conor as an example, that is, as a parallel as he gave his comment on Joe Aldo’s last performance.

Considering that Aldo did not reach his "prime" once again, Khabib said: "How did he show it? He got beaten up when he fought Peter Yan, didn't he? The man does one fight and everyone talks right away.

When Conor McGregor defeated Donald Cerrone, he looked like a lion." "When he fights better fighters, he looks like a scared chicken. Fights against top fighters show your value. The value of the Russian national football team will be seen against Croatia, not against Malta.

" As this is a very impressive performance by the Irishman, which he did in January last year, as well as his currently last victory, the most popular fighter in the world is very sensitive to it. He proved this by posting on Twitter, referring to Khabib's statement.

McGregor on Khabib

"This guy is still saying something? Another press conference? You've been s*itting in your pants from Cerrone your whole career. Three times you withdrew from fighting him." "Your father, God save his soul, couldn't believe his eyes as I did defeat Cerrone.

You showed a lack of respect for Cerrone and then for Jose Aldo? And you ran away. Shut up, "Conor wrote, recalling the fact that Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov watched the fight. This time, many could agree with the Irishman, as Aldo delighted almost everyone who watched the fight with his performance against Pedro Munhoz, and Khabib has a different opinion from them.

Also, as this time it is a post in which he did not attack anyone but Khabib, he did not delete it. Khabib often comments on other fighters, and he has already shown that it is not a problem for him to rank them, ie to consider some worse than others or some against whom other fighters cannot show their true value.

While he doesn’t do it in some “naughty” way, there are certainly those who can be offended by something like that. First of all Conor McGregor, who finds it hard when Khabib mentioned his name. It seems that the war between these two fighters will never end