Kelvin Gastelum: ‘I still believe I belong to the very top'

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Kelvin Gastelum: ‘I still believe I belong to the very top'
Kelvin Gastelum: ‘I still believe I belong to the very top' (Provided by Sport World News)

As soon as the UFC's plan to organize a fight between Jared Cannonier and Paul Costa failed, ie after Costa canceled the fight, the promotion didn't think long before sending an invitation to the always reliable Kelvin Gastelum, and the winner of the 17th season of Ultimate Fighter responded positively.

The fact that he had been defeated in four of the last five fights didn’t bother him. In fact, he saw this as the best opportunity to confirm that he was still as good as he thought he was. "My team and I still believe we belong to the very top of the world and we believe we can win the next fights.

That's why we're here," Gastelum said during a media gathering, who once again agreed to jump into the fight as a replacement fighter, but this time in much better conditions: "I got nine or ten weeks this time so I said why not.

Let's take a good period to prepare for a good fight, against the Top 5 fighters. That's what I really want. I accepted that fight and this was actually one of my better ones." "I can't say in my entire career or the last few years, but the most important thing is that I feel great.

Besides, these preparations were a little different from all the previous ones and that's the reason for my self-confidence."

Cejudo as an ispiration

He found great inspiration in his friend, former two-time UFC champion and gold medalist, Henry Cejudo.

"I trained for a few weeks with Henry Cejudo and I managed to pick up a bit of his brain. We used to spend a lot of time together and hang out, but this time we actually sat down and got a chance to see how his brain works." "I learned a lot from him, he showed me the way he arranges his training.

This guy is a winner. In addition to the whole 'Triple C' façade, there is actually a very intelligent man born to compete, "he described briefly the description of that collaboration. He will have an unquestionably bigger fighter against himself, especially if we know that Gastelum was a member of the welterweight category for a while, while Cannonier started as a heavyweight in the UFC, going down to the middleweight category over the light heavyweight division.

A fighter who strikes very hard in the foreground. "He is a very strong fighter of very strong will. He is unquestionably a great fighter, but at the same time I am someone who has been here for a very long time."