Smith on McGregor tweets: ‘People get shot for a lot less than that’

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Smith on McGregor tweets: ‘People get shot for a lot less than that’

It’s been a month and a half since Conor McGregor was defeated at the UFC 264 event, followed by a series of his incorrect statements. He later switched to Twitter, threatening Dustin Poirier with a photo of his children, continuing verbal attacks on his wife that began while he was sitting on the Octagon floor, and did not remain indebted to Khabib Nurmagomedov either.

As he posts something new every now and then, that is, he does it with time intervals, his statements remained a topical issue, especially because of the way he did it all. One of those who decided to comment on all this is Anthony Smith.

One of the currently bigger UFC stars is a very grateful interlocutor in every way, so he had something to say on this topic as well. "I can't stand the way he uses Twitter. I didn't like it while he was attacking Khabib Nurmagomedov, his family, religion and other personal things."

Luke Rockhold and I attacked each other a few times, but we never went so far as to it will be personal. Jon Jones and I. too. There was something personal about it, but I don't think we ever crossed the line." "Jones tells some jokes, he thinks he's funny and okay, whatever.

We never got to attack each other's family," said Smith in an interview with LowKick MMA.


It is amazing to Smith that there is no fear of possible consequences for Conor, as not everyone will react by ignoring it all, especially since Conor touches on them literally the most important things in life.

"With Conor, it went too far. Let's ignore for a moment all the martial s*it, people were shot for a lot less than that while walking down the street." "I don't know, maybe I was raised differently.

Growing up I saw all kinds of s*it around me. I just shocked that Conor has the courage to do it." "I don't know where he got the freedom to do it, like he's untouchable and can say what he wants. He probably has a big dose of security around him.

There are people you can't say something like that to, " As he is currently recovering, Conor is very active on social media. Mostly these are some positive announcements, but too often it obviously darkens his mind and he publishes something different.

As a rule, he deletes such things immediately, but not fast enough to avoid at least one "screenshot" And then it spread very quickly.