Ngannou frustrated with UFC politics and a former coach

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Ngannou frustrated with UFC politics and a former coach

It is still unknown when Francis Ngannou will return to the Octagon and defend the heavyweight title for the first time, which he won in March with a victory over Stipe Miocic. He was ready to fight in September, but that certainly won’t happen after his next opponent, Ciryl Gane, won the interim title earlier this month.

That fight for the interim title is something that Francis has not accepted best and has not yet come to terms with. Especially since he was only a champion for three months when the UFC decided to organize a fight for another champion.

At the same time his future opponent. In an interview with GQ, Ngannou had no problem openly admitting how much it all bothered him. "The longer you're in this sport, the more you see how much some domestic politics plays a role.

This job isn't really nice or easy when you look at the whole picture." "I have a sense of disrespect from the UFC. I just fought a heavyweight champion, just a few months later, they are talking about someone else as a world champion."

"Sometimes I wonder if I am a champion or not, it is a confusing situation, "the champion expressed his feelings, obviously hurt by the development of the situation. But there is no time for injury, as he will soon have to start preparing for the fight after which the UFC will once again have only one heavyweight champion.

Former coach

Although Ciryl Gane will stand by him on the other side, it is actually clear that the promotion of this fight will go in the direction of Ngannou’s encounter with his former and Gana’s current coach, Fernando Lopez.

Ngannou broke up with him shortly after losing to Stipe Miocic at UFC 220 and Derrick Lewis six months later. So their meeting will definitely be interesting, especially since Ngannou no longer speaks nice words about the man who introduced him to MMA.

"Fernando's big problem is that he wants to be famous. I can't count how many times we got into an argument because he thought I was taking all the attention." "Dude, what do you want? If you want attention, you know where it is, inside the Octagon, and not next to him.

You chose to be on the sidelines, I don't know how to make you so famous, "Ngannou said, adding: "If you want to be a coach, it's yours to stand where the coach stands and get what the coach gets. You can't be a coach and get what a fighter gets."

"It's always been that way. He compares how many followers he and I have on Instagram. I said then I don't care and I'd like to transfer some to him, but I can't do that. That was our problem all the time. "