Gane revealed how much he was paid to fight Lewis

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Gane revealed how much he was paid to fight Lewis

The month started great for Cyril Gane. By winning with a stoppage in the third round of the fight against Derrick Lewis, he won the title of interim UFC heavyweight champion, securing a big and no doubt financially extremely profitable fight against his former teammate, Francis Ngannou.

The clash for the real UFC champion should happen later this year. But how much has Gane earned for his biggest win so far? Such pieces of information are always interesting, especially because fighters ’fees are a constantly hot topic, also because they are considered too low globally, especially in the case of lesser-known fighters or those performing in earlier parts of the program.

The 30-year-old Frenchman revealed something a little more detailed in an interview for L'equipe. We have to admit that the sum does not really go with the status of world heavyweight champion or even temporary. Namely, Ciryl received a basic fee of 350 thousand dollars, without any additional bonuses for winning.

That amount looks very nice, but the real truth is somewhere in the middle and almost literally.


Gane revealed that he returned home with approximately 160 thousand euros, or 188 thousand dollars. The rest, which would be 162 thousand dollars, went to taxes, the part that belongs to his team, but also to the change of currency.

Luckily for Gane, Dana White gave him a $ 50,000 bonus on account of impressive performance, and there’s also $ 32,000 from the UFC and Venum sponsorship deal. None of these amounts should be deducted, they belong entirely to him.

A quarter of a million, which the Frenchman ended up with, is not bad money, but it still seems extremely small to us, if we take into account what kind of fighter he is and when we compare it with earnings within some other sports.

Especially if we know what kind of money the promotion is spinning, partly from the tickets sold (which was at this event), and partly from PPV. Unfortunately, information on the number of transmissions sold this time was not available.

Unlike the previous period, when for almost every UFC event we could be familiar with the numbers related to viewership, Disney and ESPN managed to make it private and it actually very rarely "leaks" out. When that happens, it's almost usually those above-average performances.

Of course, the numbers in the UFC will change over time, because it is noticeable that the UFC is becoming more and more popular, and that in a couple of years there will surely be even more money in the main MMA organization.