Jose Aldo: "I would never fight against Youtubers"

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Jose Aldo: "I would never fight against Youtubers"

34-year-old Brazilian MMA fighter Jose Aldo proved last weekend that he still has a lot to show in the UFC cage. Aldo defeated compatriot Pedro Munhoz by a unanimous decision of the referees, and his performance was not so impressive for a long time.

The former UFC lightweight champion is currently a fifth-ranked bantamweight fighter, and still has ambitions to win a belt in that weight class. '' I'm focused on performing in the UFC and winning the title.

That's what keeps me motivated and pushes me to learn new things and make constant progress until I become a champion again, '' Jose told AG Fight, and then touched on a topic that has been associated with him for many years.

Namely, Aldo has repeatedly said that he would like to try boxing and make the transition from MMA to professional boxing. That hasn’t happened yet, and Jose is still at the very top of the UFC, and as he stated, he’s still focused on winning the UFC belt.

However, the Brazilian did not rule out the possibility of switching to boxing.


Yet there seem to be certain fighters against whom Aldo would not like to find himself in the ring, and he feels contempt for them ‘I love boxing, but I would never perform in those ridiculous fights against YouTubers.

I respect those who decide to do it because the financial side is very good, but my philosophy does not allow me to participate in such a joke, or fight against guys who have no experience with martial arts." "If I were to switch to boxing, the goal is to fight renowned boxers who were once champions.

However, in order to come to such a fight, I would have to do a few matches before that to present my skill and prove that I am capable of boxing against such boxers, '' Aldo said in the spirit of a true fighter. It is nice to hear that there are fighters who do not look at everything through a financial prism but cultivate certain ideals and attitudes.

Of course, we have to see what would happen if Aldo received a rich offer for the match against YouTuber, whether he would really stick to what he was saying or change his mind, we have to guess. Yet, judging by everything we’ve seen from him so far, it’s very likely that Jose Aldo is truly a man who keeps his word.