Gegard Mousasi does not see the point of Weidman's return

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Gegard Mousasi does not see the point of Weidman's return

Gegard Mousasi, 36, is defending his belt in the Bellator middleweight category tonight. His opponent will be John Salter, and this is Geghard's first defense of the title after winning it for the second time. We remind you that he was the middleweight champion in Bellator in 2018, and then he managed to defend the belt once with a victory against Rory MacDonald, but in the second defense, he was defeated by Rafael Lovato Jr.

Mousasi regained the belt in October last year with a win against Douglas Lima. As a former UFC member, Gegard in an interview with MMA Fighting referred to his former opponent Chris Weidman (they fought in 2017, Mousasi won) and the very meaning of Weidman's return after a severe leg fracture he suffered in April this year in the fight against Uriah Hall.

Weidman recently announced that he will have to undergo another surgery because his bones are not recovering as they should. Gegard Mousasi believes that Chris should not even return to sports. "If I had 29 surgeries, I would say that something is not good.

Especially if you have been knocked out three or four times in a row, and then you experience a broken leg from which you will recover for a year." "I think he’s a little older than me, he’s 37, and it’s hard to go back to that age.

If he does return, how much longer will he continue with the sport? When you turn 38 or 39, your best time is over."

Mental blocks

"Do you understand what I'm talking about? He will not get better than he already is, especially after so many consecutive defeats.

That's my opinion, I wouldn't go on." "If I had suffered such a serious injury, I would have ended my career immediately, especially at that age, '' Mousasi explained, and it's hard to say he's wrong. Even if Chris Weidman decides to return and continue appearing in professional sports, Gegard believes that "All American" will have major problems with mental blocks after such a serious injury.

'' When I was younger, I would get into a fight without thinking about possible injuries because everything went well. But if you do a lot of fighting and suffer a series of injuries and problems, you carry those experiences into the next fights and it gets harder." "He will always have mental trauma after such an injury.

Even if he comes back, he will always have in his subconscious that he could be seriously injured again." "That’s why I say it’s a lot harder at his age. I'm not saying it's not possible, it's just harder, "Gegard Mousasi added