Gaethje: ‘I will break Chandler and then I will get a rematch against Poirier’

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Gaethje: ‘I will break Chandler and then I will get a rematch against Poirier’

In April 2018, we watched Justin Gaethje’s third performance under the auspices of the UFC. The great lightweight fighter performed against Dustin Poirier, and the two best lightweight fighters provided the best fight of the year for many.

Dustin celebrated by knockout after 33 seconds of the fourth round, but three rounds before that we watched a relentless fight. It was Justin's second defeat in a row, after which he achieved four victories, all the way to his last appearance and the belt fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Gaethje is now awaiting a Nov. 6 appearance against Michael Chandler. However, Chandler is not sure if he will be able to perform at the UFC 268 event because it is being held in New York which requires athletes to be vaccinated if they perform indoors.

Justin is not particularly worried about that, and via Twitter, he announced his plan for the next period in the lightweight category. '' Dustin Poirier will knock out Charles Oliveira in December. After I break Michael Chandler anywhere on the planet, I will get my rematch (against Poirier) and you will see a replay of the best fight that happened on Earth in 2018.

It's a year to look forward to, '' Justin wrote, although it's a bit questionable how much he wants a rematch against Poirier to be a replay given that he lost his first fight.

Poirier is a favorite

Clearly, Gaethje under the replay probably meant the attractiveness of the fight itself, and as for the outcome, he certainly hopes to win in a potential rematch.

Whoever he fights with, Justin Gaeth will provide either a great knockout or an attractive fight, and time will tell what the UFC leaders have in mind with a mighty top fighter at the top of the lightweight division. One of the stronger impressions is that Charles Olivera is underestimated, who is rarely given a chance to beat Dustin Poirier.

However, the Brazilian has become accustomed to such things in recent years and will be highly motivated to surprise everyone present once again. We know that in many fights so far he was not the favorite and then in the end it turned out that he is a much better and stronger fighter than all the "favorites" This will be his big motive for winning against Poirier again and we all know how much Oliveira can do and what he is able to do to his opponent. Still, let’s wait a little longer because we could really watch a real spectacle