Chandler to Poirier: ‘Wait for McGregor to return and a fourth fight with him"

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Chandler to Poirier: ‘Wait for McGregor to return and a fourth fight with him"
Chandler to Poirier: ‘Wait for McGregor to return and a fourth fight with him" (Provided by Sport World News)

Former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler is preparing to fight Justin Gaethje. A great showdown of lightweight fighters should have taken place as part of the UFC 268 event, however, Chandler brought the fight under a question mark, more precisely the date of the fight.

Namely, "Iron" explained that he will not be vaccinated until then, and new epidemiological measures require that participants in indoor sports events must be vaccinated. In a recent interview with Helen Yee, Chandler commented on the situation at the top of the lightweight category and had some interesting advice for Dustin Poirier.

''Man, if I was Dustin Poirier, I'd just wait for the fourth fight against Conor. If Poirier wins the title, can Conor get the fight against Dustin immediately after his return, which will also be a fight for the belt." "Crazier things were happening too.

Still, if I were Dustin Poirier, I would just wait for Conor’s return and the fourth fight, especially after the things he said at the expense of Dustin’s wife and children." "However, I also know that Poirier is an athlete and a competitor and wants to win the biggest prize in MMA.

He was the interim champion, but that’s what he wants to be the undisputed champion." "Therefore, I think that the competitor in him will choose to fight Charles Oliveira, '' said Michael Chandler, and then looked back at Charles Oliveira, from whom he lost in the fight for the vacant UFC lightweight title and the potential fight between Oliveira and Poirier.



'' I think they're both versatile. I find Poirier to have a bit more fighting spirit when the fight goes deep. Charles Oliveira beat me in the second round, at the very beginning of that round and therefore we did not see what he was like in the later stages of such a fight." "We saw him at a slightly later stage against Tony Ferguson, but it was a one-sided fight in which he dominated.

I think Poirier would beat him in the third or fourth round, and if they make it to the referee's decision, Dustin will win by points, '' added Chandler, who is clearly favoring Diamond in the fight against the reigning champions.

Chandler pretty much praised Poirier who is truly a top fighter and probably the best fighter in their category. Still, McGregor would want that fight against him, and indeed if Poirier won again he would show who the absolute ruler is