UFC allowed Chad Mendes to sign a contract with the BKFC

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UFC allowed Chad Mendes to sign a contract with the BKFC

Last week we found out that Chad Mendes is returning, but not to MMA but to boxing without gloves. The great UFC fighter has signed a contract with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) organization and we will watch Mendes boxing without the use of gloves in the next performance.

Mendes originally retired in 2018 after a defeat against Alexander Volkanovsky. The third defeat in the last four appearances prevailed for "Money" to retire, but the 36-year-old hinted in his posts on Instagram that he is returning to sports, specifically boxing.

Despite signing a contract with BKFC, Mendes explained in an interview with Sirius XM that he is still under contract with the UFC, but the world’s strongest MMA organization has given him the green light to perform in bare-knuckle boxing.

'' They offered me (BKFC) big money, and I've always wanted to try boxing. There were even talks about fighting De La Hoya. But here's the interesting part. I’m still under contract with the UFC." "I still have some fights left to do, so the UFC literally let me go make some money in bare-knuckle boxing, and the UFC still offers me sanctuary if I ever want to come back." "Of course, my contract with them was signed four or five years ago and it is no longer a good contract.

He was good at the time, but now I should definitely negotiate a new contract, '' said Mendes, who apparently received a good offer from BKFC and began to reconsider his value and contract with the strongest MMA organization.

Chad wasn't optimistic

Chad was not particularly optimistic that the UFC would allow him such a transition, especially knowing their policies. However, good relations over many years have led to him being allowed things that few fighters would get from the UFC leadership.

'' I thought they'd tell me 'Fu*k off, it's not going to happen,' but I've always had a good relationship with the UFC. I’ve always tried to do my best to do all my duties with the media, and I’ve trained incredibly hard to always perform the best I can." "It's great to see that they recognized my efforts and let this happen.

'', Added Mendes, obviously quite surprised and delighted by the move of the UFC leaders. Chad Mendes should make his debut in the tenth month, and we are looking forward to an opponent who will be on the other side of the ring.

'' Money '' looks really great in a series of videos he posted on his Instagram profile and will surely provide a good boxing performance.